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New rider, I'll see you between Melbourne and Ballarat!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mpfprocess, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Hi!

    I am 22 and just got my bike license! Can't believe I didn't do it earlier I love it so much, barely touched my car since getting the bike. I ride a 2015 Honda CBR500R ABS, grey model :D

    I live in Bacchus Marsh but work in Ballarat and have a lot of family in Melbourne so I am normally hanging around on the roads between Melbourne and Ballarat. Looking forward to more riding and becoming a part of the community!

    - Matt
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  2. Welcome mate, plenty of riders, and new ones as well, out your way, see if you can link up for some rides. Enjoy!!
  3. Thanks Chilli,

    It has rained pretty much each day since I got the bike but I managed to get out on the road for a few hours yesterday in the sun and I certainly saw a LOT of riders! Made me much more keen to find some people to ride with and do some trips.
  4. Hi there, welcome! I had the same bike, great one to learn on, especially when there are lots of KM's on the freeway. Never seen a grey one though, got a pic?

    On another note, have you tried coming in the Old Melbourne Rd? A bit more interesting than the freeway, I usually get off at Ballan but then there is always the temptation to head north at Greendale instead and go the long way via Trentham and Daylesford too :)

    Enjoy :)
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  5. Hello and welcome to the forums Matt. Congrats on getting your L's, nice and early in life (smart man)! Love your choice of bike, but I'm biased :love: Look to the West for some good roads too, both Grampians and Pyrenees are real treat. Might see you on a road, neighbour! Enjoy your ride and stay safe (y)
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    Thanks Fr33dm, yeah I have heard there is a lot of good roads out here. A friend who has been riding for a while sent me a picture of a 2hr route near Ballarat that I need to do! Very keen to get some mood good weather and do longer rides. Loving the CBR500 :D

    Hi Berty! I try to always avoid the Freeway and take the back roads, I've found that I much prefer to go a bit slower and do lots of twists and turns over going 110 km/h on the Freeway!

    Absolutely, can't stop taking photos of it haha. Here is a few pics:
    In the shop before I picked it up:

    Me on it:

    Around Uni/Work:
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    BertyBerty, it's stunning! 2015 new colour scheme, slate grey metallic! I have to admit that it looks better than my black (shhhhh, hope my Raven didn't hear that :lock:!)

    You see what I mean?!!
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  8. Hi Matt,

    Welcome to NR and great choice of bike ;)

    Jealous of the colour scheme too!
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  9. Oh yeah, I like the silver, mine was Red, so is the new Honda, there's a theme happening that's not likely to stop :)

    If you're on FB look up Ballarat Riders too - great bunch who are always riding somewhere ...
  10. Yeah the options I saw in the shop were the tri-color (blue, red, white if I remember correct), Black and the Grey. Grey definitely was my favorite.

    Just had a look at the events page and saw I missed a ride in the Werribee area yesterday! Shattered I didn't join here a little earlier. I grew up there!

    Added them a few days ago, my Facebook is much more active since doing so haha
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  11. Not to worry, they do come up regularly. Watch the space. Also check out Saturday after practice Epic rides with Uncle GregUncle Greg. Saturday practice in Elwood is the best thing since sliced bread, get yourself there to pick up some slow riding skills and meet people.
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  12. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  13. Welcome to NR and I really am sad to read you're wrapt with the new bike yet when you're photo'd on the bike you're not smiling? Why not? Lol welcome, stay safe.
  14. welcome aboard :] nice bike
  15. Welcome Matt
    Hope to see you out there.
  16. Welcome. Nice bike. I was going to warn you about the dangerous women in your area, but you probably know all the tricks too! :p
  17. Thanks for the welcome Petesul, Stever42, Jeffco, Goddie, Jaytee :D

    Haha first day nerves most likely!

    My only previous riding experience was the actual L's test, apart from that had not been on a bike. When I picked the bike up from dealership it was 4.30pm, raining, and the dealership is on a main road. I went a had a ride in some backstreets for about an hour but decided there was no chance I was doing the 10km trip home in peak traffic, going from the 125 to a 500 was a bit much haha, so I had to ring a mate to come ride it back to my place.

    Was the smart choice I think, I am sure I would've messed up in that trip. It took another 2 days of practicing before I felt comfortable enough to get out of the residential roads and onto some main roads but now it is no problem. Has become my daily transport to work and back and basically anywhere that a car isn't required!
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  18. Howdy and welcome to NR! Sounds like you did make a smart choice to get your friend to ride it home. First time on a new bike, in the wet and in peak hour would have been a bit daunting. Love the color! :D
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  19. Thanks! Funnily enough the mate that rode it normally rides on a Honda 250 and now wants to upgrade after riding my CBR500, he wishes he didn't ride it for me because now it is all he thinks about. Although he is more keen on the CB500F, each to their own.
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  20. Welcome to NR...

    Nice looking bike there..

    Come on down to the Saturday practice...