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New RIder - Hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by McLvn, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Been lurking around here for a while and must say this is a great site for those of us with no experience or knowledge about bikes.

    Felt a bit rude not saying g,day after everyone's posts helping me through the first few months of riding.

    Had some silly biatch pull up and "share" my lane, as I was sitting at the lights tonight. I say biatch because when I faced her and raised my arms indicating WHAT THE? she did not care less, fobbed me off and looked dead ahead.

    Any how after reading words from the experienced I remained as calm as I could be and rode off at 40 in a 50 zone so she could see my big yellow L plates.

    Don't think it would have made a difference, don't really care anymore. But yeah, many thanks to this site and its contributers.
  2. Hey there, welcome to NR, and well done on your response (rather than reaction) to the B who tried to 'share' your lane :cool:
  3. Thanks B'n'B.

    Like I mentioned wouldn't be thinking/responding this way if it wasn't for the people on this site so big congrats for the people running it.
  4. Hi, Welcome .. NR is great isnt it. You do get all sorts out there on the road .. sometimes you just have to remind youself to concentrate on the riding (& the smiling :grin: ) and let the B*s stress themselves, not you. Cheers
  5. Welcome to NR :grin:
    Good to see you kept your calm, just focus on the ride ahead and you'll be sweet.
    If you keep to a tyre track and not too far to the side of a lane at lights hopefully there'll b no room for b*s to pull up and share your lane... well, thats how i try to do it, but im not sure how wide the roads are in your area :cool:
  6. Yeah the keeping calm bit just sort of kicked in after the initial "I wonder how hard I have to kick to knock that mirror off?"

    It was the first time I felt this even though I had been cut off numerous times, had people pull out in front of me on occasions and a number of close calls due to my own stupidity.

    I think it was that she was right there in front of me and we had to sit for the lights to change, knowing I had someone who's attitude was so beligerent towards me.

    Que sera. I now know, yes it's important to avoid the crapon the road sitting at lights, but don't give them the space to put you at risk.

  7. Welcome aboard!
    Well done for keeping yourself in 'check'