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New Rider, Hi everyone.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Simon_A, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone, been lurking for a while so thought I'd better say hello.

    I am a new rider, been driving for a lot of years (have had my car licence for around 25 years) , but have found that 2 wheels is a lot more enjoyable.

    I am on my learners, havent gone for my R-date yet, will do it in a couple of months. No great rush.

    I rider the mighty postie seen in my avatar. Will do me for a while till I actually know what I am doing :)

    Ride safe everyone..
  2. Welcome :)
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  3. Welcome. Nothing wrong with the postie bike!
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  4. Welcome to NR and life on 2 wheels , Simon .
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  5. Welcome to the forum(y)
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  6. Hi and welcome Simon, a lot of fun to be had on the CT, I remember executing a perfect landing when going over a 15' tabletop in my paddock, many times! The good old days when fear wasn't an issue:joyful:

    Look out for a group of Netriders headed your way in december, we're coming to check out some of your best blacktop:sneaky:

    Ride safe.
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  7. Thanks everyone.

    Ned sounds cool, you all just need to keep your throttles locked under 75 kph for me to keep up tho ;)
  8. Don't worry , that won't be a problem , these Vic boys all 'wipe off 5 to stay alive' isn't that right @Ned ?
  9. Yeah, we can wipe off 5, but from what speed? 180?? What part of Adelaide are you from Simon?
  10. Smithfield. Its between Elizabeth and Gawler. About 30Km north of the city.