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New rider here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by timbo.auzz, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just dropping a line to say hi. I have been on and off trying to decide what bike to buy. Yesterday I took a 2005 SV650S for a test ride and instantly fell in love with this bike. I pick it up on Wednesday!

    The bike is pretty my stock except for a tinted bubble screen and the baffles removed from the exhaust. It only has 18,000km on it and the guy is throwing in 2 helmets and a rear service stand for $3500. It just had its 18,000 km service and comes with it's full service history.

    I have been riding a Sachs Madass 125 for the last 2 years as a commuter but due to the lack of speed I can't really take it out of the city on longer rides, hence the SV.

    I am totally stoked and can't wait to pick it up in a couple of days. Hopefully be able to go on some rides one day with some of you.

    Just one quick question, is there particular rides organised for different levels of riders? It has been about 6 years since I have ridden a 'proper' bike so would like to go for a ride with some people of a similar ability.

  2. Welcome!
    If you hunt around the forum you'll find links to group rides and learner's practice days in various cities.
  3. 3.5k , Tim ? That's a bloody good price ! You'll love it , I had an early model - great all round bike .
  4. Hello!

    Are you hot?
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  5. That's what I thought too. I was a little dubious at first as there were no pics but after seeing it and riding it, definitely a bargain. I had done a fair bit of research and this is definitely the cheapest with low k's I have seen.
  6. Hmm... I guess it depends on what you consider hot :-/
  7. Hello and welcome, that's a good deal, they're a good bike by all accounts :)
  8. Good one Chester, getting back at us guys!:)

    Hi timbo

  9. anything over 37.5 degrees is considered hot, but the human body is wondrous thing, and I myself have a naturally low body temperature or 36.2 at the highest point in daily fluctuation.

    This guy below is pretty hot

  10. Pretty sure he's hot too


    I'd rather be smart than hot.
  11. So I guess I am hotter than you then Chester... ;-)
  12. Grats on "new" ride.... I would however, not be taking helmets unless they were brand new......just a thought.

  13. Most people are. But then, I don't get as cold in winter!

  14. 'dead' helmets make pretty good hanging planters. The vents allow for drainage and the visor can be opened and closed to add liquid or solid fertilizer directly to the root system. Fantastic for strawberries and mint.
  15. Thanks for the grats and info!

    I am guessing in case they have been dropped or previously damaged? If there are no marks on them, would they be ok? I can't remember the brand at this exact moment but I guess this would also be a factor to look at. I am still thinking about buying a new one but thought they could be used for mates who want to pillion.
  16. Welcome to the forums where the mods love people posting in the wrong place.


  17. LMAO
  18. Helmets work by compressing and absorbing impact. As they age the material degrades and doesn't absorb nearly as much energy in an accident. So too, as they're worn the material gradually compresses from normal use. If a helmet becomes loose on your head it won't protect the wearer properly and can even get torn off in an accident, which is really bad mojo.
    As a rule of thumb, if it's five years old (there's a manufacture date inside the helmet on a label somewhere) and still looks ok, retire it. If it's three years old and looks like it's been scuffed around a bit, retire it. If it's been dropped from three feet up onto ANY hard surface, regardless of age, retire it. If you've come off your bike and there's a gouge, scratch or any other indication it hit the road, retire it.
    Helmets are sacrificial devices that get destroyed so that your head doesn't. Age, impact etc use up that ability.
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  19. yes timbo.......helmets don't come with a service history....seeing you got the bike for such a good price....I'd invest in a top line lid.
  20. one cool cat...:cool: