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New Rider here, pickin up bike tomorrow!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by paully_tee, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. Hey guys.

    First off let me introduce myself as Paul and say hullo.

    Been an avid fan of bikes for a few months now and have just gotten round to purchasing one.

    Been on the hunt for an FZR250 for a while and managed to snag one for a reasonable price (<$2500).

    Its a 1990 model with 46,000km on the clock.

    Just one question, when I went on a test ride, the temp guage was bouncing all over the place, is this normal?

    Also, what are the common problems that i should look out for that are bike specific. Done some research and i understand that the reserves fuel mechanism dries out over time and becomes useless?

    All input would be greatly appreciated.

    Also anyone in Perth who can point me in the right direction for bargain priced gear?


  3. congrats. enjoy and stay safe..
  4. Welcome ;)

    Great move on getting a bike! Enjoy :)

    RE: the temp gauge...if you're riding in stop start traffic it may fluctuate quite alot - ie. rise when stopped at lights, then fall whilst moving, rise again at next lights etc. This is normal in very heavy traffic - especially if it's a hot day.

    If the gauge is literally bouncing though, that's not normal, and I'd check it out.

  5. Thanks guys.

    Always nice too get feedback.

    The bikes in good condition for 15 years i think. Only real damage I can see is a nice scratched fairing, but i'll do a proper check for rusts and other damages tomorow before I hand over my head earnt.
  6. Hello and welcome aboard :)

    FZR's are a great bike :) We have two in the garage as well as the zzr and the fzx :)

    Happy riding

    stay safe

  7. Take a torch with you. it can be hard to see on a faired bike because it's dark behind the fairing. Don't be afraid to lie down under it and check properly. Look for oil and fuel leaks while you're there and don't forget to look under the tank. Good luck and I hope it checks out. Sounds like a nice bike. :grin:

    BTW, all 2nd hand 250's have some scrapes so I wouldn't worry too much. The previous owner was a learner, you'll learn on it then sell it to another noob who needs a 250 to scratch. It's no big deal as long as the frames straight and it rides well. :grin:
  8. welcome!

    check the attachment going into the instrument panel is make sure it secure.
  9. Hey Paul, & welcome here bro!

    Not sure of the number of members from Perth, but maybe
    one day you can hook up with fellow netriders in Perth :wink:
  10. Welcome Paul, great to have another Perth near-rider. Do check that machine thoroughly before committing; if possible, take a knowledgeable person with you, and just because it's shiny shiny and a good price, don't let your heart rule your head.
  11. I had an 89 fzr 250 and the only time the temp guage moved was in heavy traffic and it went sky high. I put a switch on the bars so i could turn the thermo in earlier. That helped it a lot.
  12. G'day Paul!
  13. Hey Everybody.

    I ended up havin to walk away from the deal :(

    I took my mate with me who is a bit more knowledgable then me about bikes.

    Problems just started comin out left right and centre.

    First off, motor wouldnt turn over properly.

    Horn never worked.

    Then he put his palm over the exhaust and felt "no compression".

    We uncovered more scratches and dings on the bike, as well as cracks.

    Bike kept stalling.

    Exhaust was blowing smoke

    And worse problem was when he tried to give it full throttle and could only do about 5km/hr.

    Owner claimed that he mustve flooded the engine, but were not too sure what to expect.

    I ended up havin to spin some BS about how i would bring a mechanic back for a RAC check. Ended up havin to leave $100 as a deposit, but i think i got off easy considering i had already forked over 2400 AND signed on the dotted line.

    Im glad I had my mate there to tell me better.

    If anyone is out too buy a FZR250 within the next couple of weeks, and it seems too good a deal to be true, then PM with the details of the sale and I will let you know whether its the same bike.

    Im glad I was saved from a costly mistake.

    Ohhh well, back too the drawing board to look for another ride :(

    Thanks guys.

  14. U saying you lost the $2400, plus $100 dep?

    U dont have to take sh*t off em. They'd be a 3 day cooling period
  15. Sounds like some cylinders weren't firing and those that were have cactus piston rings. The bike is already dead and they're asking more than double what it'd appear to be worth. Did it come from Sumoto? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Important lesson here. NEVER hand over any money until you've checked the bike out properly. Glad you got out of the deal ok mate. Don't worry, a good bike buyer is never afraid to walk away from the deal. The bike of your dreams will turn up for a fair and reasonable price, it just takes a bit of patience. :)
  16. [quote="kishy
    U saying you lost the $2400, plus $100 dep?

    U dont have to take sh*t off em. They'd be a 3 day cooling period[/quote]

    Nah sorry mate.

    I had alreadi handed over $2400. but i managed to get $2300 back.

    Dont mind losing $100 as that was what a mechanical inspection wouldve costed me anyways.

    Also, bike turned out too be a 89 model and not a 1990 as was stated.

    Sigh, I had been hoping to get a bike for less then $3000 completly setup including the cost of my new gear. Ive now decided to up my budget to around $3500 for the bike alone in hope of gettin a much cleaner example. It really is true that you get what you paid for.

  17. Phew.. thank god.. nearly gave me a heart attack :p
    thought u said you'd lost the $2k

    Bro bro bro.. neva again hand over any money up front;
    not even a $100 holding fee.

    Dont believe the crap they say that if you dont pay holding
    fee, someone else will take it tonight etc. Dont fall for that

    If someone does take it, who cares.. Its not the only bike
    in the state thats for sale.

    Hand ya money over only once u are 100% satisfied with
    everything & the bike has been shown to be in good mechanical

    Just be patient; and be careful. You dont want 2B like the others
    who have told stories of bikes f*cking up soon after purchase.
  18. Glad u got out of the deal ok paul, good luck finding a good one and welcome to the forums.