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New rider here.. Noob Q's

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by steve.k, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, new member here from Sydney :)

    I'm looking to get myself onto a bike asap. I currently have my Ls and I'm booked in for my Ps in December. Up until now I've been doing some practice here and there on a mates bike.

    I have my heart set on the yam yzf r125. My budget is around 3-4k. The bike will purely be used for leisure.
    I'd just like to know what other costs are involved with buying a bike.. I'm aware of the costs involved with riding gear but how much would on roads/rego etc be?

    Also, I've had a look at a few insurance quotes.. Full comprehensive prices are BS so probably just going to do 3rd party fire + theft. Do many riders choose 3rd party only?

    Any help is much appreciated.

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  2. G'day Steve,

    Rego & CTP will vary by location & bike I believe, so best to ring around or contact the RTA.

    There are probably much better bikes around for that money, especially under the LAMS laws, but if your heart is set on it..

    Insurance is a bit of a minefield, everyone has an opinion.

    Ask yourself if you can afford to replace it if the worst happens. Fairings will usually be the first thing damaged & are hideously expensive to replace.

    Me, I always have full comp. I own my bike outright & could get a loan to replace it if I had too, but I'd rather not get into debt.

    If you're getting a loan for the bike, some companies will require full comp as part of the loan conditions.
  3. Hi mate welcome to NR.

    My MadAzz 125 and is great for suburban riding/commuting (though some people don't agree). If you're planning anything other than that, go for a 250cc bike - there's plenty out there that are within your budget.

    My full comp (through a dealership) was $188 for the year (Swann), but when I did a quote online for myself it was $400+.
    I'm not sure if you get better insurance deals when you buy used from a dealership but it might be something to look into. You never know what life'll throw at ya.

  4. Yeah a 125 is fine if you just want to commute around at less than 80kph, but if you're buying it for fun then I'd definitely recommend stepping up to at least a 250. A 2nd hand VTR, GPX/ZZR or Ninja 250 would probably be the best option given your budget.

    There was a lot of people on here who bought the CBR125 when it first came out thinking it'd be more than enough to get through their restrictions. Most were sick of it after 2-3 months, usually after the first time they found themselves struggling to maintain a decent speed on a windy uphill run. Having to change bikes halfway through restrictions is almost certainly going to lose you money.

    A lot of insurers will only do 3rd party or comprehensive for bikes. So if you only want 3rd party fire and theft you'll need to have a look around first to see who offers it, and if they do worth checking the quote against comprehensive with another insurer just in case there's not much difference between the two. 3rd party is fine if you can afford to walk away from the bike, ie if it's not financed and you wouldn't be stuck without transport without it.
  5. I got my L's 6 months ago, only just bought my first bike, a Honda CBF250. How exciting!! The bike was second hand so came with 6 months rego, previously $450. Vehicle Duty was $150 for bike of $3500 but that's VIC rules i.e. VicRoads. RACV said $750 online, but when i Spoke to them it came down to $260pa. Now to actually get to riding my new love!!
  6. My full comp (through a dealership) was $188 for the year (Swann), but when I did a quote online for myself it was $400+.
    I'm not sure if you get better insurance deals when you buy used from a dealership but it might be something to look into,,,,,,,,...if you check your policy you will see,, you will pay a lot more excess when you make a claim .thats how they get you cheaper rate through a dealer , all ways read the small print before you sign any thing to do with insurance
  7. Thanks for the help guys, very much appreciated. In regards to insurance i've done a quote for the yzf r125 and it was something around $3500 pa full comprehensive. 3rd party was around $200pa. My favourite shape of bike would have to be a super sport, although i will look into the CBF/VTR naked style bikes.
    I do like the Ninja 250 - although they seem to be a little over budget. As the bike will be just for cruising around locally (and doing my P's test on) I think the yzf r125 will be the cheapest/best looking. It kills me that they didn't make it a 250 :(

    Anyway, i will keep you guys posted. Once i buy a bike i would love to come on rides with the sydney guys!
  8. Worth looking around though. I notice most on Bikesales seem to be advertised for 5k+, but I've seen the early '08 models sell for $3.5-4k before. Just look for anything that has a few minor scuff marks or which hasn't been fitted with hundreds of dollars worth of aftermarket bits the owner is trying to recover their money on.

    Of course if you're just sticking to local streets an R125 should be sufficient, though may be a lot more difficult to on-sell later for a decent price (whereas you'll lose very little with a used Ninja). Also be sure to look at the service intervals for the R125, as some of those smaller bikes require much more frequent servicing and oil/filter changes than a 250 (ie every 1,000kms rather than every 5,000kms). If you're paying someone for that then the costs will really start to add up quickly.
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  9. true true, thanks for the heads up. Another option of mine would be a CBR250RR. There is one that interests me at the moment - just under $4k with 39,000kms in mint condition. I think its an early 90's model. Personally i think that amount of kms is quite high though.. Thoughts?
  10. My CBR250 2007 was $3.5k with 6,000kms. I was looking at CBR250's too, they were around the same price and milage, so seems high? The riding positions different is why i went with the CBF...
  11. Those kms aren't high - but also unlikely to be accurate. There's a lot of info on here and other places on the risks of grey imports (which that will be), so I'd suggest doing a bit of research before going down that path.

    Basically though never judge a used bike by how neat the fairings look - fairings are quite cheap/easy to fix or replace but can hide all sorts of mechanical problems underneath. Really only something you should consider if you know what you're looking at, or have someone who can check it out for you.
  12. ^ Thanks for the help JD.
    So I finally got my P's (on my second attempt)... still haven't bought my own bike yet :(
    My heart is set on a Ninja 300. Going to wait abit for them to come down in price. Also want to check out the CBR500R when it comes out.
  13. I'll be getting a VTR250 soon and only putting 3rd party on the bike + fire/theft. It's a lot cheaper due to being a naked bike sans fairings. If you have an iron will, put 3rd party on your bike, but get a quote for full-comp, Each year put away in a piggy bank what you would of lost on full-comp and if anything ever happens you will have a jar for a rainy day. If not I guess every soft often, dip in for new gear :)

    In the case of my Car, full comprehensive would be around $1100 for a car that only cost $2600 to buy. It makes sense to go with a 3rd Party insurance only and put $650 a year away.

    Personally though, for a first bike - Buy a beater. Your going to stack it, or drop it.

    roxxie...i see your new....fresh meat even....Are you hot?

    and to the creator of this thread....if you wanna be silly and buy a grey import? buy my zxr :p in the classifieds section on here

    (jesus i keep on trying to flog this thing off...but...it's going to crush me when i see her go...i biatch n moan about it not being right for me but it's power is amazing compared to all other bikes i've had....also this sub-blurb was more directed at lee/sydmadass)
  15. welcome,i think
  16. Welcome. + 1 on bigger /better bike for that money!