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New Rider - Greetings!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Clydesdale, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Dear All,

    Just wanted to introduce my self. I have only just started riding motorbikes after years on a bicycle.

    Still very much the novice. Hope to see you on the road.


  2. What is this bicycle thing you talk about?

    Welcome Greg.
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  3. Welcome to the dark side Greg, won't be long and you'll be cursing those Damn cyclsists like the rest of us.
  4. Welcome Greg. If you have a chance go down to Saturday practice at Homebush and say hello. They are a welcoming bunch.
  5. Hey Greg, North Shore hey!!!! Might see you around, i'm lower north shore. Where for art thou?? Nice bike, what colour???
  6. Thanks guys.

    Appreciate the tip regarding the Homebush sessions. I will try and get down there soon.

    Cycling is almost the same as motor biking, just with more lycra and less leather. I don't look respectable in either.

    Tigamica, whilst the matt black was tempting, I went the traditional route and chose red.
  7. Welcome along, Greg.
    No more talk of lycra... that's not appropriate for this forum :wtf:
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  8. I'll have to keep an eye out for you two around the area :]
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  9. Hi and welcome Greg.

    With apologies to fin mental, a tip..... if you have a set of padded nixs from the push bike riding, try wearing them under the leather pants.

    Duc 696 and 659s are a wee bit squeezy on certain gentleman's bits.
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  10. @CrazyCam@CrazyCam... is that certain gentlemen or certain bits?
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  11. Yes.
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  12. Welcome to powered two-wheeling, Clydesdale :)
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