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New Rider - Gold Coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dougyx, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    Finally joined up and decided to post after a few months of reading the forums.

    I've got myself a new Yamaha MT-07 to ride and cruise around the Gold Coast when i'm not commuting into Brisbane for work. There's a lot of knowledge on here and i'm looking forward to learning more, especially after my first stack!

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  2. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  3. welcome to the forums....
  4. welcome aboard :]
  5. Good to have another Goldie rider on the site, welcome dougyx
  6. G'day dougyxdougyx and welcome to NR. I hope the stack wasn't too hard on you or your bike.
  7. Thanks for the welcome all.

    XJ6NXJ6N - the stack was alright, a few small scuffs but I was back on the bike a couple of days later.
  8. Welcome, great bike and good to have another GC rider
  9. Welcome to the forum mate
  10. Welcome, how long did you have to wait for your bike? My mate got told 2 weeks, should be getting his tomorrow. If you're looking for other new riders to meet up with, let us know, any reason to go for a ride lately!!
  11. Welcome! ive just joined also. Good bike choice i must say, i was so keen on it too for a while but then went for the 500r instead. Ride safe buddy
  12. Nice bike as well, did you get the ABS version? I kind of wanted it, but they stopped making the tri-colour in the 2015 model, so I went for colour over safety!!
  13. yeh im really happy with it. mines a 2014 non abs which i was fortunate to get with very low kms. Yours?
  14. Yup, 2014 non-ABS (which I haven't missed yet) and I bought brand new so I know the only damage will be my own doing! Just over a month on the road now, and at about 1200k's or so.
  15. I actually went out to get the CBR500R but fell in love with the MT-07 the moment I got on it. I got mine just within a week, I ordered it then went to Perth for work and picked it when I got home on the friday.
  16. Awesome! We should organise a group ride some time
  17. I've started a post under the "Ride Planning" section.
  18. Welcome to Gold Coast riders :)

    Motogymkhana on the 19th July at Carrara :)
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  19. Any of you guys on southern Gold Coast, having a bit of fun exploring the border and sneaking into the northern rivers. My regular ride buddy is off 4wding for the next 6 weeks, I'd be up for a ride if anyone's keen
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