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New Rider Giving MotorVlogging a Go

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by MotorDingo, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Hey all thought I'd give this motorvlogging thing a go as an excuse to go out and ride more as well as to have some fun with it. Just started but trying to release videos as fast as possible, hope you guys enjoy. If anyone's in Sydney area and knows of any rides please be sure to fill me in, keen on that events page haha.


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  2. Welcome MotorDingoMotorDingo will check out the channel for sure. Often though of giving this a go but can't justify the cost of camera and editing software. Respect to you.
  3. Hmmm, noob filtering on the L/P are we?
    You need to practice U-turns, you could have turned a B-Double in a smaller radius than you used, and keep your eyes on where you are going instead of drifting into the centre island.

    Don't be bringing that camera to any of my rides.
  4. LOL So many infringements recorded and released to the web for all to enjoy in perpetuity.

    I would suggest concentrating on your ride craft in preference to your YouTube craft.
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  5. Sorry if I've offended anyone was never the intention, you both make really good points, I've never really had to practice U-turns overly just due to the roads and such near me and should really invest some time practicing. Also I've never noticed my eyes drifting but good to know now so that I can keep an eye out for it and work on it.

    Also in regards to some of the maneuvers only just found out from googling, that the Only Buses lanes were exactly that Only Buses, for some reason I assumed they were the same as inner sydney bus lanes, my mistake. The filtering among other things were bad decisions I think I made due to having the camera, causing me to try and outdo myself as much as possible.

    I had never meant to copy any motovloggers obviously you pick up bits and pieces from watching them all, but I'd rather attempt to bring my own thing to the table

    So probably best I duck out for a while and practice a bit more and become more comfortable as a rider before attempting to get some youtube stuff going.
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  6. Come for a ride tomorrow, we have one organised, I'll send you a PM. Don't bring the fuken camera though..
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  7. #8 damedi, Aug 12, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2016
    Agreed MotorDingoMotorDingo. I don't think it's a great idea for a new rider to be filming for the purpose of Vlogging. As a rider it is imperative that all your focus is on the road; this is applicable for riders of all standards, BUT no more critical than when starting out. If you are focused on providing good footage or commentary then you certainly aren't concentrating on your surroundings and giving them the respect that they deserve and need in the aim of self preservation.

    Maybe go back and have another read of the Motorcycle Riders Handbook. This could save you quite a bit of angst in the form of interference (and therefore $) from the guys (and girls) in blue. I'm pretty sure that you would have known though that filtering around traffic on the outside (as one example from your videos) is not only not allowed but not a great reflection on motorcyclists in general.

    Anyway, the enthusiasm of youth and all that; but I hope you take the time to read up, get rid of the camera (at least for now) and stay safe out there!
  8. Oh great......just what the world needs.

    Yet another squid on a Ninja 250 telling the rest of us what riding a bike is all about.
  9. Baptism of fire, welcome to NR enjoy the ride .
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  10. gday MotorDingoMotorDingo and welcome to NR, have fun with the camera
  11. i have learnt great restraint
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  12. never too old to learn, you old dog
  13. +1 MotorDingoMotorDingo don't get too caught up on the banter here and ride safe dude. Haven't seen the vlogs being spoken off, but do look for safe riding, not vlogging moments. Have fun with both :p
  14. yeah, don't be like the angry (murican) vloggers just looking for any reason to abuse cagers
  15. Hmmm, got myself a Sena 10c last week, now i'm too scared to show any vids.
    the posts iv'e seen on here seem to bash Vloggers lol, not that id'e try to be a Vlogger but wouldn't mind showing some twisties stuff.

    saying that though, some of the things i saw in the above vid were a tad dangerous. you seemed to go up the inside pretty quick, and also approaching people that you don't know like that is a recipe for disaster imo.
    if i was the bloke on that bike you approached id'e be like wtf dude ? i thought you knew him at first lol...
  16. has the vid been edited? as I don't see anything wrong with it
  17. yep the other vid is gone now
  18. Here is a screen grab from it lol Windsor rd, speed limit is 80km/h.
    Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 19.00.49.
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  19. ooops :eek: you might need the fuzzy/blurry tool to fuzz that bit out on your vids MotorDingoMotorDingo