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New rider, Geelong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Shirokuma, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone, Just got my L's a week ago but have yet to buy my bike. Looking at the CB300F in the next couple of weeks, If anyone has some suggestions for good places for a learner to try hone their skill in the Geelong area please let me know, i'm still a little hesitant to ride through the city as a commuter. Thanks for the help

  2. Howdy and welcome to NR ShirokumaShirokuma . The CB300 is an awesome first bike. Not local to Geelong so can't help re places to ride so hopefully someone else will come good with some suggestions. Happy riding!
  3. welcome aboard :] ShirokumaShirokuma congrats on getting your L's and have fun picking your bike.
  4. Welcome Shirokuma What side of Geelong are you on?
  5. Anywhere in Geelong is fine to ride. Commuting is fine as well as there really is bugger all traffic. Just stick to the main roads and you will be fine.

    If you want somewhere a little more quite to ride head down queenscliffe or st leonards for a lazy quiet ride.
  6. welcome to NR and riding, good luck with it all