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New Rider Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lachiepower0402, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. I'm purchasing a 2009 Yamaha R15 late December and I will need to get some gear.

    I have looked on the Bike Bits Parramatta website and looked at various items, I came up with this list:

    Helmet: LS2 FF350 Solid Matte Black Helmet
    Gloves: Dririder Speed 2 Long Cuff Glove
    Jacket: Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air Black/White/Yellow Jacket
    Pants: Dririder Explorer Pants - Grey/Black
    Boots: Alpinestars Fastback Waterproof Boot 2014 Black/White

    I have cheaped out on a helmet because my grandmother is buying me a helmet for around $100. Should I buy a better helmet?
  2. If it was me I'd be spending more on a helmet. Not only for safety reasons but also comfort reasons. If it was me I wouldn't buy boots and get a better helmet. I wear my steel cap boots on week days and just vans on weekends and it's been fine. Couldn't stand the feeling of riding boots.
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  3. I disagree with not buying boots too. Your feet are one of the first things to make contact in a crash..

    This link shows where your helmet sits with crash testing, it's comparable to some other more well known brands on the market... But, my opinion is buy the best you can afford, that fits your melon properly ie; try them on too.

    CRASH - Test results
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  4. +1 to this.

    Try to go for a comfortable helmet. Bell is a reputed brand so have a look as they have reasonably priced helmets.

    For Shoes maybe look for something like this -

    Falco Axis 2 Boots

    I bought them a few months back and they're fantastic.

    If you plan to ride more, invest in some rain wear as well.. Remember, your bike wardrobe will increase over time so don't worry too much. You could also buy a Kevlar jeans (depending on a good sale) to use in summer.

    All the best.
  5. I bought a cheap helmet at first...but within weeks of riding I bought a much better one that was quieter, more comfortable and lighter, it makes riding so much more fun...
    So the cheap lid is now a spare!
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  6. I will be getting boots, no matter what the price, I agree with you, they are quite important.

    I'll try and afford a better helmet, but like you said, its all about which one is comfortable and fits.
  7. So you've crashed in them to know that they are "fine" right?
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  8. I will try and get a more comfortable helmet, I can probably afford up to $300 on a helmet, because it will be the first thing I buy.

    Those boots look a lot better actually, the heel support should help a lot. Glad I've got your review on them.

    I will have to hold off on buying rain gear for the moment, their shouldn't be to much rain in summer anyway, except in the afternoon.

    Someone else recommended I buy kevlar pants, so I'll look for some.
  9. Hi,having a list is great with brands and budgeting etc...thats what i did, except it all falls over once you realize not every brand of glove fits the same, and not every helmet will suit the shape/size of your head! I had my heart set on an alpine stars leather jacket i saw on a website only to find that brand is long and skinny in the arms (for me) but dainese fitted perfect!
    I also agree with the above, in the end only 2 brands of helmets fitted really well,one was $150 the other $700, wore both around the shop for a half hr each looking ridiculous, only to find the cheaper one eventually had a pressure spot on my forhead that was giving me a headache! So fit is super important plus spending a bit more to hopefully save your brain makes sense! Hope this helped a little.
  10. 4 years riding everyday and can't say I've crashed. Sure they will hold up better then my work boots but I ride better without them and don't have the room to take them anyway
  11. If the cheap helmet fits well then go for it. Pricier ones may have a few features like speaker slots for earphones, easy visor removal/changover, removable (and therefore washable) liner, inbuilt sunvisor etc. They MAY be lighter and quieter too. As for safety, if it fits you well thats the main thing.
  12. Hmmm.... i have a friend who's been a paramedic for 20years,1st thing he said when i told him im getting my licence was," wear proper ankle protection, I've seen what happens when you dont in a crash", it scared me and i always wear them even 1km down the rd to work! I'm way to scared to find out what would happen otherwise!
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  13. No problems re: boots. Alpinestars were good but pricewise, a bit steep for me so got these waterproof ones instead.

    Rain pants you can get for $30 onwards and a good idea to keep them in a backpack or something. Alternatively, wait for the Aldi sale next year and get pants from there (winter/rain all in one and a good backup to have, just in case).
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  14. Yeah fair enough if your riding to work and have to have steel caps, but Vans for the weekend? They wouldn't stay on your feet in a crash. I have some Alpinestars ankle high boots which are comfy on and off the bike, have ankle/heel armour and padding, and look decent off the bike with jeans.
  15. If you've tried the helmet on and you know it fits your head shape well and is comfortable it should be fine.
    It meets the standard and seems to have some sort of air pump adjustment system for good fit.
    Helmets need to fit well and be comfortable (as well as protecting your head), otherwise you'll get headaches.
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  16. Thats quite a fair point. I just hope I don't have the same experience, but you never know.
  17. I'm actually looking to pick up a pair of ankle high boots very soon for that exact reason after one of my mates said the same thing with full boots but loves the ankle high ones so will most likely be purchased soon.
  18. I'm going to try the helmet on next week and see how it fits, hopefully I can get a cheap helmet that fits and doesn't cause me discomfort.
  19. Its just like normal shopping.... different brands have different fitting, just depens on your body type and their modeling profiles they use! Or maybe its harder as a female finding good fits!
  20. Didn't look at it in that perspective, but your definitely right.

    LOL. Women are always difficult with clothes.