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New Rider Gear Setup

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by IgnisDraconis, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. G'day all,

    I'm a very new rider in Canberra who just found out about this forum - its a bloody terrific resource, I wish I'd found it earlier!

    Tomorrow I'm getting my first bike, the seemingly very popular Ninja 250 from Canberra Motorcycle Centre. I may have left it a bit late for any advice but if anyone could give me some pointers on gear I'd be very appreciative...

    1. Jacket - I'm after a good jacket that will last for a while, looking to spend $600 max, though I note CMC has a lot of marked down stock. I'm looking at leather preferably though could go textile too and would like to get a jacket with a removable liner to use all year round - I'm too poor to buy two for the time being :(

    2. Gloves - I have.

    3. Helmet - I can sort out from reading advice already posted, whatever fits best and don't go too cheap.

    4. Boots and Jeans - I can sort out. But would like to spend 200ish each, any ideas?

    5. Bike lock - Will spend whatever is best/worth the extra dosh. I like the sound of the alarm ones. Also is there any additional security device I could add to a disc lock, I know about the datadot but do any other physical devices exist?

    6. That should get me started, I guess in time I'll get the tail cowl, fender eliminator and a slip-on - though I'm not too sure how much the slip-on ill cost. :)

    Cheers all,


    Thanks for any contributions, I look forward to getting involved in a bit of discussion once I know what I'm on about - or when I brake it :)
  2. BTW - I didn't post those emoticons - so if you think they are oddly out of place I agree
  3. firstly welcome to NR

    when it comes to a jacket, for a first jacket definately go with an all seaons textile jacket, leather isn't the best in canberra in the winter months, and if you can only afford to get one jacket for the time being, you will be better off with a nice textile one, look at the dri-rider range

    $200 will get you a set of dragging jeans, but with boots you might need to strech the budget a little bit further cmc mitchell (formerly action motorcycles) used to stock the agvsports boots range for around bout $189 but haven't seen them for a while, $200 will get you a pair of rossi's with no armour, but with the savings you will make on getting a dririder jacket over eather (to start with) should stretch your boot budget out to around $400 which will get you a very reasonable set of boots

    HJC helmets are reasonable priced and offer good protection rated for both ADR and dot standards, i hvae been head first into a bank at around about 65km/h i survived (obviously) got back up and continued riding prices usually start around $169 for the HJC range

    also get to the ACT coffee meets held every monday at Tilleys in Lyneham every monday night from 5.45pm onwards

    hope to see you out there or on a ride some time
  4. +1 on what qbnspeedfreak said.

    Make sure you ask for a decent discount on your gear seeing your buying a new bike from them they should give you 10-15% off.

    I've seen a few people say that a Yoshi slip on is about $800 for the new Ninja. Which is a freakin rip off. Look around for something less than half that. Or even better spend that extra money on some better gear or start your "big" bikes saving fund :LOL:

    If your keen a couple of the guys on here are doing a L's practice at EPIC on Sunday. Follow the link for more info.


    Good luck and see you out there! :cool: