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New rider from Tamworth

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Pepper, May 29, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    Last week I completed my learner course with my missus. Was down at the RMS the next day and completed my knowledge test. Bought my first bike on the Wednesday. She is yet to do her DKT, but hopefully soon she will be on the road too. Any other members from tamworth? I'd like to meet up with some fellow learners for a ride someday.
    Also any suggestions for a bike for a female learner with stumpy legs would be appreciated

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  2. hey hi and welcome and all that....bike for stumpy legs? Does she know you call her legs stumpy? ......mmmmmm...if I did I would be very peeved lol...
  3. Hey Pepper, welcome to NR. I dare say you'll get a few replies with what's possibly suitable for those of the fairer gender with the not so tall legs. I hope all that came across politically correct and doesn't offend any members
  4. Hi PepperPepper and welcome to NR.
    Umm stumpy short arse , that'd be me...;)
    I ride a Ninja 300 had it lowered significantly and I can flat foot it. I am 5'1" on a good day. I don't believe the bike's handling has been compromised and I had the front/ back suspension altered, kick stand angled and whacked risers on the bars.
    Might want to check if adjustable shorty levers will be helpful as well. I lurve ' em. Gives you something to fiddle with at the lights as well.
  5. ok ok ...throw my hat in the ring...ktm duke 390...no need to lower anything..lightweight. Stumpy legs would find it pretty good :)
  6. G'day and welcome Pepper. The CB400 SF might be worth a try?
  7. Welcome PepperPepper , I grew up in Tamworth.. Some good roads around that area.
  8. Haha, yeah she knows I rib her about her short legs, my baby girl is afflicted with it too. She is a chip off the old block:)
    Don't mean to offend anyone with short legs :)
    She sat on my ninj 300 and could only put one leg down. I already had thought about the CB for her, she just wants something to commute around town on and the occasional trip to her parents house at walcha and wauchope.
  9. Welcome along.

    Walcha, Wauchope... there's such a nice road right there. I wish that I lived further north for that reason alone
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  10. Come visit and stay with me at Port fin mentalfin mental! My own little road to play on at weekends...happy to share it with you! :)
  11. Rightio!
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