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New rider from Sydney's North West

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mattjgoss, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Just turned 50 and back on a bike after a 30 year break. Kitted myself out with a triumph Street Triple 660 (LAMS) bike and enjoying every minute of it. Now just have to pass the MOST test. I feel like a teenager again being on my L's and trying to pass my driving test. Look forward to participating on the forum. Matt

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  2. image.
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  3. G'day MattMatt, welcome to Netrider.
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  4. Welcome mate. I always get confused though, which one is you again... ;)

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  5. Welcome to NR young one.

    Striples are good things. :)

    Should be a piece of piss doing the MOST on one.
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  6. Plenty of nice short rides between wilberforce and colo heights.

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  7. Welcome :D
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  8. Hey mate welcome, enjoy the triple, great little bike. Good luck with the MOST. Don't forget to check out the Learner Sessions at Homebush.
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  9. Howdy and welcome to the forum.

    Please check out the separate thread on the Learners sessions at Homebush. Invaluable change to learn and get practical experience for your MOST test.
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  10. welcome aboard :) nice bike
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  11. Welcome Matt!
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  12. That picture says it all, doesn't it? LOL

    Good luck when you do your MOST - from a rider who's done theirs twice :confused:

    With the previous experience under your belt I'm sure you'll kill it, though!
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  13. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
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  14. Hi Matt

    Looking forward to MOST practice event @ Homebush on Saturday.
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  15. Thanks for the welcome. Matt
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  17. Thanks for the welcome. Good to see some haven't forgotten the 80's. Matt
  18. Thanks Darren....oops Hondarider10
  19. Will do. Thanks for the welcome .