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New Rider from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by live4themoment, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Hi my name is Andrew and just got L's and new bike 3 weeks ago. Just wanted to say hi. I got the Hyosung gt250r in black. Look foward to sharing my experience with the bike and my travels in the future.

  2. Welcome to Netrider, Andrew, and the two-wheeled life. Long-term owner's reports on bikes are always welcome, so perhaps you will have time to share your Hyosung moments with us...
    And, of course, join some of our Sydney-based rides
  3. Welcome Andrew :grin:
  4. Andrew, welcome.
    Enjoy the learning experience, it never stops :)
  5. Welcome Andrew, Live it to the fullest, stay safe.
  6. Hey and from one Newbie to another, Welcome

  7. Hey Andrew. :wink:

    My brother has the same bike same colour as you. Nice looking 250. :wink:
  8. Hi Andrew, welcome to the forums :grin:
  9. Thanks for

    Thanks form the welcome. Done only about 650km and this is first riding experience besides the stay up right course. One experience that i have had so far was 2 days after i got it and not having ever riden a motorbike apart from the up ride course as i said above. I went for a ride out to Richmond and just as i was leaving to come back to Campbelltown it started to pour down and the wind really picked up. I think i gripped the hand grips as hard as i could for the 45 min trip and tried to keep my nerves under control. Once i got home soaking wet and safe i knew that i had made the right choice getting a bike.
  10. Hey there Andrew. Welcome :grin:
  11. Hi Andrew,
    Congrats on your Ls and well done on surviving that trial of a 1st ride! Join up with some of us if you want some company. We try not to scare the newbies too much ;)

  12. hi andrew, welcome to netrider :)
  13. Welcome Andrew
  14. howzit :)
    have you ridden the richmond-springwood stretch of road?
  15. No I haven't

    No i haven't been out around there yet. I rode out to Richmond as one of my first rides because i used to live there a fair while ago and went for a ride around for memory sake lol. It was a shame it started to pour down and i wanted to get home as i only spent about 20 mins there. I went out around stanwell tops and the lookouts the other day then came back towards waterfall and on the freeway that wasn't a bad ride. I am scared of hights so the look outs were fun lol.
  16. New experience

    Well i said i would keep you in touch with my new experiences be it good and bad i was hoping for all good but had a minor bad one today lol. I was going for a ride up around some country and hilly are today i was just following the road as had never been that way as i got to the start of the hills the road formed into one lane but a 2 way road so i kept following it up the hill where some nice big 4wd coming down the hill nearly wiping me out so half way up there was a loose driveway so i decided to pull into there a little and turn around. Just as i started to turn i knew it was a bad idea the road was to narrow and i was trying to turn to sharp.
    And with that the bike leant to one side to much and went past the point of being able to hold it up so i went over the side onto the shoulder and side and the bike just dropped on the ground like a sack of potato. Now keep in mind i am not the most experienced rider only riding for 4 weeks out of my whole life. Once i got over the initial shock of having dropped the bike i noticed oil was coming out of it like a foutain. Now everyone probably knows if a bike is sideways it will leak oil not me lol i thought something might have popped. So picked the bike up which i must admit surprisly i am not a strong strong guy but the 165kg seemed pretty easy to get up.
    Once i got it up right the oil stopped leaking and i inspected the side but as i was not going much there was only a small scratch on the faring and some scratches on the back of the mirror.
    The next thing that freaked me out lol was when i tried to start it again it just started then stalled straight away. That was when i used the choke for the first time and reliesed there was prob no oil going around the bike as it leaked out. Once i got it warming again and turned the choke right back to off it was running fine. And drove back to Campbelltown and went shopping lol.
    The one thing i must admit that really pissed me off though was it was a isolated country road but there was one car in front of me about 10 meters in front of me when it happened and they just kept driving didn't think to stop and see if i needed help. I saw the driver look back but just kept going.
    Anyway now i have bored you to sleep with my first bad experience on the bike i will let you go. But hey it is just riding my moutain bike i have fallen off that over 60 times but i still do it so bad expeirences are all part of the fun.
  17. thanks for sharing your story. the most important thing is you are okay!
  18. Hey Andrew,

    Greetings from Newbie to another newbie as well....nano! nano!

    Your name says it all "Live4themoment" :LOL:
    Glad that your OK as well and no harm done to you. Best to ride on less traffic or better yet with no traffic, im sure campbelltown has big streets where you can ride and practice your balance and turns. The more you do it the better you get at it. Once you do thats when the fun starts.
    Take it easy dude!!! :)
  19. I did

    I was happy today as after i picked my bike up from the 1000km service i was riding home when i looked into one of the local sporting grounds that has a pretty good size car park where half the time there are no cars at all there. They did the surface a little while ago so the road is beautiful and today i saw for the first time that they actually marked out all the parking spots.
    Why is this good you may ask well at the end of all the spaces they have put a little loop in and when closer inspected it is spot on with the turn around you have to do in the P's test. So i can see myself thanking the council yes you heard me right this may be the one and only time it comes out but i think they just helped me pass my P test in a few months.