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New rider from sydney

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Enigma, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone! Just saying HI, Name is robert and currently purchasing a Hyosung GT650R as my first bike (pick it up in 2 weeks!!) Been waiting for the day i get myself on a motorbike and it is finally here.

    Peace out and safe riding to all

    PS. we need smoother roads in sydney :mad:
  2. Welcome Robert, great to have a new Sydney rider on Netrider.

    Hyosung are making a name for themselves, but to the best of my knowledge you're the first person in this forum to get the 650 LAMS bike. Keep us up-to-date with your experiences, please, lots of people are interested in these bikes.....
  3. I take it you've been for a run down Parramatta road then? :p

    Welcome to the forum mate.
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys

    As for the bike, I will definately be sharing my experiences with this bike as ive also looked around and not found many articles relating to the GT650R. So i'll keep everyone posted. I also got the dealer to Replace with better compound brake pads. And give a good check on the speedo cable as ive heard a few things about it.

    Oh and duncank, You guessed it. good ol parra road near Auburn. I plan to get a Etag for this very reason. (i travel this road every day by car)
  5. I'm in Lidcombe and have braved the road a few times, its a real shocker!

    I'd be interested to hear how you go with the Hyosung as I'm shopping around...
  6. lol yea parra road is one of those roads that i sort of stand up on the pegs abit to relieve pressure and increase comfort
  7. Welcome Enigma, Parramatta Road should be renamed Parrarattle Road. Shakes the shite out of me! :shock:
  8. Hi Robert ,nice pick for a first bike and im interested to how it go's.
    You need a MX bike for parramatta road,LOL.
    See you around on a newbie ride.
    cheers Sled.
  9. Hi Robert and welcome to the forum :)
  10. so when do you get your new bike mate
  11. Welcome Enigma. It's good to get another Sydneysider in here so the southern wetbums can't gang up on us too much.

    And Parramatta road is a good road to learn on. Builds character. As well a knackers the size of bowling balls.
  12. welcome to the forums.. stay safe. :grin:
  13. G'day! welcome to our mad corner of the web! :grin: I reckon elizabeth drive after the mechano set is a bumpathon, with that crap tastic slab concrete road.
  14. welcome to net rider :)

    I just got back form a ride out to Singleton on putty road and it has some very nice sections (yes a smooth road in NSW i was surprised) by far the best twisites i have rode, my bike could hold it's own Vs damov's R6 (kinda) :LOL:
  15. Cheers fellas

    as for when i will receive the bike. I would have it in 2 weeks after I get my L's. I have purchased it from Bike biz in Parramatta. Off the showroom floor. So if you ever drop in and see the bike with a "DO NOT SIT" sign on it. You know its mine :cool: :p

    Im also hoping to see if i can Whip up a noobie Ride/Meet and greet training session happening with some of the more experienced riders as i have organised a couple of cruises/meet and greet with the car club i currently am involved in

    SAFE riding to all!
  16. hey yea never been on a forum ride day / meet and greet before when is everyone thinking of???
  17. Welcome. When I get back in country, will certainly come on any group rides that are on. Have done a few solo rides up through Old Princes Highway, back via Wisemans Ferry/Dural. And the Royal National Park is another great group ride venue.

    Do Parramatta Road often and have written to the RTA about it. In particular the longitudinal gaps in the slabs that can grab your front wheel. They say they are actively monitoring the pavement condition and filling in the gaps. That must be why it is so bloody bumpy, because of the all the gap-filler.
  18. Dont know, But would be sometime this year in the 1st or 2nd quater. Wanna get to know more people in Bike Community before organising such a thing

    But my basic idea is possible a Car park meet/greet/training session to a responsible speed limit cruise ending with a bbq and a general chat.

  19. There is a ride on this coming weekend ,im still trying to get the day off.
    See the ride section.