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New Rider from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Matti, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone. Earlier this year someone told me that it's pretty easy to get a riders licence in Australia and I decided to go for it - just for fun and maybe for commuting once I feel confident. I got my L's, bought a brand new CB400 and will have my MOST on 21/06. I took my bike out for a few Sunday morning rides but didn't get much practice on riding slowly. I'll join the practice session in Homebush this weekend to improve my skills and build confidence for the test and have a chat with some other riders.
    I love my bike and want to keep it forever. I hope to get some help on technical / mechanical questions once they come up. Additionally I'd like to find some like-minded riders living in / close to Northern Beaches and ride on weekends. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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  2. Welcome MattiMatti
    Good luck with you test and make sure you hike over to Homebush. You will learn a lot there and meet so e lovely dedicated guys as well.
    A few folk up your neck of the woods as well.
    Keep an eye on out for group rides. Senator17Senator17 is a keen Sydneyite wrangler and group ride organiser and TWEETTWEET will also likely have some very nice weekend away type rides once the weather isn't so brass monkey.
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    Welcome MattiMatti
    EDIT I managed to double post using my stupipad so you get a 2 welcomes one for you and one for your bike. Seems fair. ;)
  4. Welcome aboard MattiMatti, good luck with the MOST. The practice sessions are a good idea.
  5. welcome to NR...
  6. Howdy and welcome to NR MattiMatti
  7. Welcome Matt. I seem to have build a reputation for organising rides. The truth is I decide where I feel like riding to, then I post it up in the NSW riders thread and invite riders from Netrider who may wish to join me. If they are learners or restricted P plater's I will keep to their speed limits. I've had a few great rides with these guys and girls and you're always welcome. I probably won't be riding for the next 6 weeks or so as I go in for a little op in hospital tomorrow. So once I can ride again, I will be getting out to do a longish one..
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  8. Welcome to the forum and a whole lifetime of addiction to things two wheeled.
  9. Welcome to NR, MattiMatti. Great choice of LAMS bike! Good luck with your preparation and the MOST later in the month.
  10. Welcome MattiMatti ! I'm on the beaches (manly vale) and on my P's so restricted to 90km/hr - so no pressure to keep up with unrestricted rider...

    I'm planning on going to blue mountains on 20th June (winter festival is on) via bells line there and then M4 back - welcome to join me :)

    I can often find free time on the weekends and some weeknights & be happy to go a ride - good to have another local - Andrew WestAndrew West I believe is another insular peninsular fella!
  11. Thanks to all of you. Seems to be quite an active community.

    Senator17Senator17, looking forward to join you for a ride. Good luck for your op.

    ChristineChristine, a blue mountains ride is on top of my list next to the 5 ferries ride. I'll message you once I know if I can join you!
    Hi AndrewAndrew :)
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