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New rider from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by 87GPX250R, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Hello everybody.
    Getting my 'L's soon and looking for a 250 Kawasaki (anything from a ZZR to a cruiser will do) from the 90's or early 2000's to get me on the road. Tight budget.
    Any advice on just starting out, buying, what to stay away from or helpful topics already here then point me in the right direction please.

    Also, seen bikes from around 10-20 000kms right upto 80 000.
    What is considered high kilometers for a bike, 50 000? (or where is the best place to research or ask the question).
    Thank you.
  2. Im partial to the Kawasaki Eliminator EL 250 mines a 97, but the VN 250 Eliminator 98-07 is bigger again. Fantastic bikes I travel on all roads and highways and have never felt worried about perceived lack of power.

    Servicing is good no issues with parts,(I get mine serviced) so it would be cheaper again if you did some yourself.
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    Fantastic, thank you for the reply.
    Would you consider 80 000 kms to be over the hill, would things like bearings, sprockets, suspension bushes etc be mandatory by that age?
    How old is your bike (Klm's)?

    Oh and why do I keep getting a pop up to post my first post here?
    And why can't I read the literature such as the "used motorcycle evaluation guide"?
    *end rant*
  4. Welcome to Netrider :)
    Mileage is not as relevant as overall condition and service reports. If the bike looks unloved, it probably was, even if it only has 10,000 kms. On the other hand a bike that looks well looked-after with 80,000 kms and a reasonably-documented service history would be a far better bet.
    If you have doubts about a machine you are thinking of buying, there are plenty of people here who will go with you to inspect it, or go and inspect it on your behalf if it's on-line and far away.
  5. Welcome!

    Your 'privilage level' improves with your post count. Beginners can't view some forums and post certain attachments etc. Post away!
  6. It's all good now, and thank you for letting me know forumers may be able to help with viewing.
    I'm pretty good with cars so if I go on my gut feeling and as above, if it looks, feels and smells good, then I should be 3/4's there when viewing bikes.
    Cheers guys.
  7. Welcome on board. [emoji4] where did you check the pop ups? I'm usually on my phone. Unsure if that's the same case. Hehe.

    About bikes and cars the General rule is the same. No matter how many KM's it's got if it's been looked after very well it would last a long long time.
  8. Welcome to NR..
  9. welcome to NR I like ur pic!