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New rider from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Soup, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Hey how's everyone doing.

    Got my Learners a couple months ago and I'm picking up my first bike which is a WR250X this Monday.

    Most I've ridden was at the pre-learner course but I'm excited to get riding around my local area to learn the basics. Keen to meet new friends to ride with and to help me build confidence on the roads and maybe learn a few things aye.

    Main motivation for getting a motorcycle was because I've always loved riding bicycles, ever since I was a kid with my tricycle(not really a bicycle... but meh) and regularly commuted locally to friends houses and whatnot on my fully sick Big W mountain bike in my primary school days. I was also in and out of the fixie freestyle scene as a teen and went back to a commuter bike but overall loved bikes so I thought I'd give the motorcycle scene a go.

    Anyways I live in Baulkham Hills in the Hills District, perhaps some people nearby would like to hit me up for a ride someday? Of course it might be a couple weeks before I'm confident to ride on a main road for more than a few km's but looking forward to getting there and riding with some people.


  2. Hey Soup,

    Welcome aboard. Nice choice! Good luck getting any sleep tonight.
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  3. Howdy, welcome to NR.
  4. So soup... What flavour? Pumpkin? Vegie? Pea and ham? Tomato? Something else? :D

    Welcome to Nutrider! :wacky:
  5. Welcome @Soup@Soup there's a few riders signed up from Sydney recently, I think a group ride is in order. When I'm back in Aus (few weeks time) I'll post an L and P friendly ride up.
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  6. welcome aboard :]
  7. Hello soup. Welcome.
  8. Smilee, gonna need you with me on a group ride, it's been six weeks and I'm as rusty as an old sheriff's badge.
  9. Welcome to Netrider, Soup. Keep your ears open here for good advice and stories from the trenches, and as soon as you can get out to Homebush and let OzYoda and his wise men accelerate your learning curve!
  10. You'll be ok, it's just like riding a bike. But I'll be there as soon as your back.
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  11. You'll be ok, it's just like riding a bike. But I'll be there as soon as your back.
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  12. Yay more. Welcome
  13. Welcome to NR....
  14. Will GOONIES be involved?
  15. The first rule of tautology is the first rule of tautology.
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  16. yep i should be down - more than enough time to get my fecking rustbucket a new hoop

    poor things battery struggles with all those short trips to work n back.....get at me with dates and i will do my best - hopefully some old and young would like to chip in on a classic bells line run :p @Rennsport@Rennsport @Necros87@Necros87 @Brmmm@Brmmm ....sound like a lil ride you guys would be interested in ?
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  17. Goonies
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  18. @danny_tb@danny_tb - Hahahaha I'm spicy pho flavour buddy.

    Speaking of pho, perhaps when I get more experienced some members here that also like pho would like to go for a pho run someday?

    @Womble@Womble - Keen for the group ride man, the few weeks it takes you to get back will give me time to learn enough so that I can actually make it to homebush to meet with everyone hahahaha.

    Picked up the bike yesterday and it looks sexyyyy, it's begging me to ride it. Too much of a pussy to ride without all my gear atm though, still need some pants and boots.


    Cheers for the warm welcome guys, I'm liking it here already :)
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