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New rider from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DallasB, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys! My name is Dallas, I live in Blacktown/Doonside. I am 27 and Passed my Learners about 2 months ago. Only ever get to ride on weekends as i work all day during the week but i am thoroughly enjoying it! I ride a Kawasaki GPX 250. I dont know anyone else that rides a motorbike so i am definately keen on some group rides on the weekends with you guys! Take Care!

  2. Hey Dallas, welcome! I'm in the Hills District, and I'm sure there are others out this way who would enjoy a weekend group ride too. I was at my first Learners Session at Homebush today - see the NSW Learners thread for details. Today was a bit evenetful, apparently a bike on fire isn't a common thing. Anyway, the afternoon ended with a nice ride out to Windsor Maccas via Castle Hill/Kenthurst. Come along for some useful pre-P practice as well as a road ride. Next weekend isn't on though due to Fathers Day.
  3. Hi Dallas, welcome to NR. My wife used to work in Blacktown... interesting area. Have fun on the bike and stay upright mate!
  4. Hey Dallas, im in your area as well, im pretty sure ive seen your bike around too. I think I even spoke to you, I was the guy on the Aprilia who chased you down when you were doing happy laps around the block :) (hopefully I got the right rider lol).............................................Theres some others in the area. PM me if your interested in cruising around.
  5. Blacktown station during a Thursday afternoon IS interesting..........................8-[, just like the movies with cops chasing people everywhere lol.
  6. Haha yeah that was me buddy! Definately keen on going for a ride. You got facebook?
  7. Welcome to the road, and to Netrider, Dallas :).
  8. Yeah mate determinately do ill PM you.....................I saw your bike again today, you were following another rider.

    Anyway catch ya then.
  9. Haha wasnt me man i was working all day unfortunately.
  10. Afternoon bout six, lol must have been someone else then. I wasnt wearing my glasses then though lol.
  11. Gday Dallas,

    Buddy welcome to NR. I ride an Aprilia But I m in st george area. if u guys ever intrested riding around the city.. Give me a yell..
    cheers mate
  12. Hi Dallas.

    +1 for the Homebush sessions. They are a great way to meet other riders as well as preparing for the MOST.
  13. Thread Resurrection!

    Just though I'd bump this thread to Re-Introduce myself since i haven't been active since i registered and have decided to become more active.

    All my original Introduction still stands. Except i now Ride a 2010 Ninja 250r Special Edition. =D
  14. Welcome Dallas.
    The Putty run is worth considering if you want to get out on the road with a diverse group.