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New rider from Sydney / UK

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Djamba, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Hi All.

    Name is Chris. Recently decided to get my bike license (I don't have a car one) after moving to Sydney 5 years ago from the UK. I've done the H.A.R.T course, got my Ls and tried out a few bikes. I'm currently riding a Hyosung GT650 and loving every second. Aiming to do my first P test in a month or so.

    I've taken the precautionary measure of buying good safety gear (Why does no-one in Sydney wear this stuff? It's law in the UK! Shorts, T-Shirt, thongs and a helmet seem to be the norm...) and reading as much as I can both here and on some other sites. I love the "So you want to ride a bike" threads...great stuff I'm also being mentored by a friend I know through our dive club who has been riding for over 30 years. Incidentally the same person who lent me the bike and is teaching me bike maintenance (Doing my first service this weekend) as he is a qualified and experienced mechanic.

    I'm taking the same approach to this as I do with my diving. Get the right Training, Information, gear and build up experience within the limits of your capabilities. Get o know some people who have done it longer than you and already made the mistakes, listen to then, take their advice and be prepared to screw up. Take it slow and steady and don't get ahead of yourself because this shit is fun...but potentially deadly.
  2. Welcome!

    Only the helmet is law here, the rest, as you've noticed, is optional (for now) but you can tell which rider's value their hide. ;) I believe the term used for those ill equipped riders is "squids" http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=squid
    There's no need to disrespect them, they manage that all on their own.
  3. Welcome to the roads. I like your methodical approach (y)
  4. Welcome.

    and yes the Saturday learners at homebush normally happen every Sat at 1pm just watch that learner thread you posted in for any announcements such as, if it's pouring rain no one might turn up.

    Cool. Im planning on doing something like this myself through Stayupright but they charge $100. Much better if you have a friend to teach you instead.
  5. Cool. Thanks for the update.
  6. Welcome to Netrider Djamba.
    As Wil02 posted already, keep an eye on the NSW Learners Thread - it is runned by OzYoda (Chris) with other helpers. It will help you to practice the MOST for your P test.
  7. hmmm ... there arrr also dem pirates (aaaargh )... who ride around in vests n fingerless gloves ...
  8. There's also the (GO GO) power rangers, all clad in matchings helmets, gloves, leathers, boots, bikes and (probably) underwear (aye yi YI!). While comical in appearance they are at least better protected than squids and pirates.
  9. hehe ... true :)
  10. .............. mainly riding Italian exotica for a latte at certain well known establishments and confirming the 'all show and no go' title ;)

    (That should throw the cat amongst the pigeons)
  11. The Italian set know the others are just wannabes :p
  12. Wannabe? Hardly. I'm quite capable of drinking my dopio without needing to look like I'm about to battle a giant space monster in a rubber suit ... or raid an East India Company transport for it's booty.
  13. ^^^^ and the Vespa set, well, say no more.........
  14. Happy to say my gear is mix n match for best comfort atm...although my gloves are still quite tight and may need replacing.

    Thanks for the welcome guys (n gals?) looking forward to my first Sat ride with you all.
  15. welcome mate