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New rider from Sydney South West!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by geodude, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Hi All.

    Geoffrey here from Sydney South West.

    I'm new to biking and just passed the pre-learners today! I've also been lurking around in the forums for some time but figured it would be more appropriate to post in the Welcome Lounge when I pass the pre-learners test.

    I did my pre-learners at the Clyde center today and had a decent experience with the bike. Not too sure about the trainer... had a rude kiwi dude called Lloyd who had zero patience and would berate everyone.

    I'm planning on getting a CB400 as my first bike in a few weeks and hopefully moving to something bigger when I apply for the green P exemption in a year or so.

    I'm feeling fairly comfortable on the bike but would like some more practice. Anyone keen on accompanying a noob rider sometime next week or after Xmas/New Year? :D

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  2. Welcome ... Quite a few nr folk out your way and quite a few cb400 riders as well.
    Enjoy your journey on two wheels:)
  3. welcome to NR. you should try and get down to the practice sessions at Homebush - very worthwhile
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    First of all welcome. The CB 400 is a great little bike to begin on, enjoy. As PeonyPeony said get down to the Homebush learners sessions. Not only do they practice the MOST skills, but also do a good solid ride afterwards. Great for building up the confidence.:D
  5. Congrats on passing the course.
    I did mine at Clyde 2 months ago, had a guy named Gianluca who was really good and friendly, I think it's just luck at who you get on the day.
    I'm in Bankstown area, if you feel like going for a little ride with a fellow noob, send me a message
  6. Thanks guys! I might not head over to the Homebush course yet still scared to get on the roads!

    Alright scotty81! We can head out for a ride when I get my bike!
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  7. Hey mate welcome and congratulations!

    I'm in western sydney area on the same bike so would definitely be keen to join you for a ride haha send me a message if you'd like to link up, catchya!
  8. welcome aboard :)

  9. Cheers mate! I will try and organise something when I get my bike!
  10. Thanks Jeffco!
  11. Howdy.

    If you post up on the Sat learner session thread someone will be more than willing to come and 'pick you up' at home and lead you to the sessions. We've all been where you are now.
  12. If you want a ride through traffic to get a feel for the road shoot me a message but I recommend at least 1 week off main roads, I'm also in the south west Sydney area. How are you planning on getting the bike home? To get to Syd learner sessions just find king georges road and follow it up to Sydney Olympic Park then take the left exit near the stadium then after about 200m take a right at the traffic light. If you want I can show you the way, what area are you from? Oh and congrats :D