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New rider from Sunshine Coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mr. Grumpy, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. Greetings from the Sunshine Coast in Qld. I'm Tom, new to the forum, new to riding and new to bikes.

    Great community you've got here, been reading heaps in the couple of days since I opened my account and learning heaps.

    So a bit about msyelf - getting in to riding to see what the hype from my brother, father-in-law and some mates is all about. I'm very green having only had 3 private 2hr lessons, but I'm hooked and love it! I'm booked in for my Q-Ride this Saturday and have a deposit down on a nice 2009 Honda CB400 with only 7500km on the dial. Looking forward to ticking off the license and picking up the bike!
  2. Welcome to netrider, Tom.
    Good luck with the course and the new bike. Have fun!
  3. Welcome and Good Luck with Q-Ride you will be fine
  4. Welcome to NR. Your enthusiasm is great. Lets us know how you go with Q ride.
  5. Thanks for the welcome all! I'll check back in here on Sunday afternoon to report back on the Q-Ride. Waiting on final funds clearance on my bike, hoping to be able pick it up tomorrow!
  6. Welcome, Tom. Good luck with the Q-Ride and the bike purchase. There are some great roads in the hinterland to look forward to.
  7. Welcome. Riding is like a drug addiction, once you've started it is hard to stop. ;) Are you doing the one day or two day Q-ride? I had a bit of prior experience, but still chose to do the two day, as I wanted all the guidance, practice and feedback I could get before venturing on the roads alone.

    Great choice in bike too. Built in Japan, high quality and a smooth i4 engine. The CB400 was top of my short list for a LAMS bike, but in the end I got a deal on the 300 that was too good to pass up. But I'm keeping the CBRs in mind for my next bike.
  8. I'm doing the one day Q-ride, the instructor has already given me about 6 hours of instruction one-on-one and he reckoned I'd be fine with just the one day.
    I bought the CB400 from a Kawasaki dealer. First time I went in there the I said "I need a LAMS bike, naked, budget of about $7k" and old mate said "hey you need a Ninja!"I just don't like them, but the salesman wasn't interested in talking to me about anything else so I left and came back another day.
  9. G'day Grumpy. Welcome to Nutrider. :D

    Are there any ladies around who are willing to ask Grumpy if he's hot (Nutrider tradition)? I've been doing it on behalf of the ladies a bit too much, and people are starting to question my sexuality... :-/
  10. Thanks for the welcome! Fortunately I included a picture of myself as my avatar, so people can clearly see I'm NOT hot!
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  11. LOL. Nice reply! :)
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  12. welcome aboard mate
  13. Q-Ride done and dusted. No issues at all. Transport Dept in the morning to make it official! :)
  14. Yay! Congrats, and welcome aboard :)
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  15. Hi fellow Qlder. That was me almost exactly about 4 weeks ago. Had 3 x 2 hr lessons, riding a cb400 ( have a drz now) and got my licence. Now I have been let lose on the road and have even caught up with a few riders from here :).
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  16. Welcome to NR... ;)
  17. Excellente" Mr Grumpy. My missus reckons you stole my name.
  18. I don't see why there can't be more than one... if there can be multiple people called 'Mr. Smith' then multiple 'Mr. Grumpy' also works if you ask me!