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New Rider from SE QLD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by beingaware, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Hello fellow Netriderians :)

    Oh the joys of writing a about me but here goes.

    Been an avid fan of bikes ever since I was a kid and through my teen years I road dirt bikes when ever I visited my friends in the country.

    The usual drone of life took over and riding fell to the side.

    Recently a friend in the car community suggested I do my Q-Ride as he often rides as well as taking his EVO out, after speaking to a few other friends I was shocked to find some many had their RE-O or R-O.

    So I've come back to riding :)
    Got my Ls a month ago, completed Q-Ride weekend just been and picking up my new (to me) bike on Saturday.

    Looking forward to my first lone ride but also am kind of nervous as I'll have to take some freeway/high traffic areas to get back home.

    Either way am looking forward to getting into the biking world, missed that freedom that only a bike rider will ever know.
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  2. Welcome to NetRider!
  3. Welcome to NR. I hope to see you on some groups rides in the near future.
  4. welcome aboard :)
  5. Thanks to all so far.

    Yep hopefully very soon with group rides.

    Going to do a heap of practice this weekend to help improve my confidence and skills a bit more, then will see if I can find a few groups to tag along with. :)
  6. Welcome Beingaware,
    I'm also a noob and found a few folk on here go riding around outside of Brissy. Good fun ride with others with experience who are happy show a noob the way.
    Actually, went to Canungra this morning for breakfast just because. Maybe we should organize another NR group ride before Xmas.
  7. I'm in. I might even get permission to play for longer this time. (y)
  8. Cool, I have been practicing my corners - can go around them without wobbling now, most of them anyway.
  9. Welcome beingawarebeingaware a group ride before chrissy sounds good but there's only this weekend and then it's here. So probably a little short notice for most.
  10. Welcome back :woot:.
  11. time to put my gear on is all I need!
  12. Got my dad's 80th on Saturday. Sunday is good for me.
  13. someone needs start an event thread, seems a few are interested.
  14. Welcome along mate from another QLD lunatic.

    I'm off to Hervey Bay this weekend so weekend no good.

    Perhaps we should try for a ride between Christmas and New Year, is that too ambitious?
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  15. Enjoy Hervey Bay and catch a big fish. More than one ride is acceptable.
  16. I'm certainly keen on a relaxed pace run Sunday. :)
    Going to take a slow casual ride up Coot-tha Saturday arvo to practice counter steering a bit further (picking up my bike near by so it's a perfect excuse).
    Riders are certainly welcome to tag along :)
  17. Where about in Brissy are are?
  18. I live out near Redcliffe. :)
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  19. Fellow rider from Warner. Keen for a quick blip before the Christmas break!
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