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New rider from SE melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jemboyy, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Heyy guys new rider here. I have a ninja 300 and signed up here for help ans tips from the pro riders. Thank you!!

  2. Hey man, Welcome to Netrider. :)
  3. Welcome aboard :] lots of info available here and if your interested there's always Saturday practice
  4. Heyy man thanks. What ride u got?
  5. Welcome :). Like the Kwaka 300s.
  6. Thnks sirr! My cousin told me to sign up here coz he told me the guys here are really helpful
  7. My ride is in my profile pic. CBR500R.
  8. Welcome to NR JemboyyJemboyy . Wherein SE abouts do you live?
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  9. Hey KennY123KennY123, long time no see lol. Sorry haven't been able to come to the Saturday practices. Been rostered on for work past couple Saturdays.
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  10. G'day JemboyyJemboyy. Welcome! I'm not a "pro rider" as you say, I'm a passionate one. And so are all my mates here (although some might be pros as well). The Ninja 300 is a popular and great learner bike.
  11. Thanks kenny!! And yeaa i live in bonbeach. Wbu?
  12. thanks Petesul. Yeep the ninja 300 is my first bike and i think ill be stickin to these in a long time. Such a good bike to drive around.
  13. welcome to Netrider Jemboyy!
  14. FahleeFahlee yeah haven't seen you for a while. You still riding?
    JemboyyJemboyy yeah I live in Dandenong area.