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New Rider from SE Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by MrNatural, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Hello all,
    Long time reader, first time joiner
    Been a rider for around 3 years now. Got my Ls and bought a Suzuki GSX650F. Grew out of it quickly, so sold it and waited a while till i got off my Ls.
    Tossed up a few bikes, didn't know whether to go for a 600 or a 1000. Always loved the GSXRs and the dukes.
    But the girlfriend's old man, who is high up in the BMW motorrad department talked me into considering the BMW s1000rr.
    So i decided id take it for a test ride and was blown away. Immediately bought it and love it to bits. Was lucky to get a bit of discount on the bike, apparel and parts.
    Had the bike for about 3 months now, haven't been able to ride it alot due to the weather, so im looking forward to summer and maybe some track time.

    Finding it difficult to find riding partners though, so if theres anyone around SE Melbourne who has a s1000 or any other bike for that matter whose keen for a riding partner let me know. Preferably someone whose around my age (23), but not too fussed

  2. good choice mate and welcome, their good looking machines
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  4. Hi and welcome to NR

    I think you need to get on one of the Saturday rides with arc. He thought about getting a s1000rr bt ended up not going with it and getting a kawasaki. Ride with him and rub his nose in it :LOL:
  5. Once the weather gets a bit more reliable i will have to tag along one Satdy morning
  6. Don't BMWs work in the rain?.
  7. Welcome to NR.
  8. Haha, im a bit of a fair weather rider to be honest 8-[
  9. Thought I'd say hi as well. I've been here for a while lurking ...

    Hope you enjoy the bike as much as I do. I'm up for a ride but tend to only get Sundays free due to work ... I'm in Hawthorn and twice your age :)

    If you get the opportunity, do the Great Alpine Road as it's awesome on the BMW, or should I say the BMW is awesome on the GAR.