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New rider from SE burbs of melb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Momo, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. New rider from melbourne. Just got earned my learners. Now time to sort out some wheels for me to get on.

    Oh and hello everybody!!!

    Any suggestions welcome regarding gear and/or motorcycles
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  2. welcome aboard :] congrats on getting your Ls,

    As for your gear try places like AMX, BikersGear Australia, and the runout / special's area of peter stevens etc

    When it comes to bikes it depends on what you want try em all
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  3. Hi! Congrats!
    Depends on budget and style, but I did and would again go something decently sized in the LAMS range, as you're stuck with it for 3 years these days.
    I have a Street Triple 660, and the only thing that makes me want to upgrade when I'm off LAMS is the safety features some newer bikes have (traction control, blahblah).

    Gear wise, depends on riding and budget.
    If you're all year round commuting I'd go textiles. If you're commuting and rich I'd get both textiles and leathers. If you're a "weekend warrior" I'd go leathers.

    My mistake when getting gear for the first time was mixing and matching. I ended up with textiles jacket, kevlar pants, short boots and leather gloves.
    Since then I've grabbed textile pants to match the jacket (and zip in), long boots and winter gloves (although I hate them and don't use them, but I should) and a one piece leather suit.

    Make sure you size everything well, guys in store will help. General gist is "tight". I still think I failed here with the textiles junk. My jacket is probably too big, and the armour in it probably won't sit right coming off, making it useless. It's probably hard with textiles stuff as they tend to have winter padding.
    So mines pretty good with the winter padding, but as soon as I take that out it becomes loose.

    Anyway, have fun!
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  4. welcome to Netrider Momo and welcome to the world of bewilderment as you try to decide what gear/bike to buy! (y)
  5. Welcome and re bike advice - search on this site under "which bike to buy" or similar. There are heaps of threads on this and you'll likely find all info you need in them.
  6. Welcome to NR
  7. I would like to thank all for welcoming me into your community and sharing your experiences much appreciated.

    alright regarding a bike. I've got my heart set on a ninja 300. Using it mainly for commuting and a bit of fun.

    Gear wise....I think i will end up in a Peter Stevens...due to my lack of experience/knowledge in gear. But i'll aim for a 2 piece leather and do a lot of research.
  8. Welcome mate. Open question alright! dbraindbrain has some good info above (winter gloves will be great in winter mind you), but go to bikers gear in Ferntree gully road near burwood highway and then onto amx in Dorset road as chillibuttonchillibutton said. Ask for help and you shall receive.
    Edit JeffcoJeffco suggested the places above.
    Also check out the mentors thread.
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  9. Hello MomoMomo - we are looking at selling my wife's 2012 Ninja 300 ABS Special Edition (just made the decision yesterday after sitting on lower seat CB400 and her deciding that suits her better). So if you're interested in used rather than new, drop me a pm.

    It's got around 8-9k on the clock, in great nick, with Leo Vince Corsa exhaust and tail tidy. Stock exhaust and stock tail tidy included as well. It's the green/black SE version - see below, rider not included ;)

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  10. ;) chillibuttonchillibutton

    Welcome to the forums..

    Gear shopping is fun but can get a tad confusing as well. Textile, leather, winter gear, summer gear etc etc.

    Also mind you, gear will accumulate over the period of bike ownership.

    You can get a waterproof textile jacket with removable thermal liner which can be used in summer as well (provided it has vents etc). I started off with that and Dririder is a good brand in this regard. You can get a good jacket under $250 or so.

    Same with boots, Kevlar jeans, textile pants etc. There are a plethora of options.

    As before Dririder also have boots, gloves etc so try them all and see how you go. As summer is coming, you'll need summer gloves

    In all this shopping, make sure you get ear plugs as well. Even the standard disposal ones will do but they are good to have on longer rides.

    Most of all,enjoy the bike and gear shopping and come around to the Saturday practice when you can.
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    Sorry actually 11908km! Will post full ad and more pics in "for sale" forum shortly...
    Ok see here Kawasaki Ninja 300 SE ABS
  12. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  13. Welcome mate

    As your in SE Melb this is a good place to get your gear - BIKERS GEAR AUSTRALIA

    I purchased all mine from there 6 months ago as a leaner, Jeans, Jacket, Helmet, Gloves and Boots all still in great condition no complaints and the prices are very reasonable good gear for starting out won't hurt the wallet too much.
  14. WElcome to NR, the ninja 300 is a very popular choice amongst the learners, I would recommend you have a good look at this one, always ask about history , service etc, 'netrider' bikes usually are looked after due to the amount of infoon forums etc thats availabke plus learner spanner days encoutage people to take theextra care of their machines. With the gear, dont be surprised if you end up with multiples of jackets, gloves, pants etc. Aldi also sell bike gear once a year. Make sure what ever you buy fits comfortably, when you have the gear one pretend youre on the bike as in 'lean, squat, bend knees' to ensure its a comfortable fitfor you.
    Theres heaps of links on here about different gear, bikes, experiences, have a look read ask questions
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  15. And don't buy new, quite likely to drop it at 0 km/h until you are used to the weight.
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