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New rider from Ringwood

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ravanged, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Hello all!

    My name's Nick and I'm an IT student from Ringwood that bought a VTR250 about a month ago and am absolutely loving it.

  2. Hey Nick!

    Welcome to NR.
  3. Good choice! Plenty of new riders out and about on those! Come down to saturday practices if you want to meet some other riders (new and experienced) and get in some good slow work! Plenty of threads about rides through Melbourne as well!

  4. Welcome Nick :). VTR250s have replaced the Across as the Learners' Weapon of Choice :LOL:
  5. Welcome aboard Nick.
  6. Hello from another eastern suburbs learner
  7. I might do. I've heard good things about Saturday morning cone practice.
  8. Get in touch with thecatsmeow. If u plan on going to the satdy morning session. He rides a spada. Altenatively i may be available next week
  9. Hi and welcome to NR
  10. No wonder we are called Nerd Rider!
    Welcome in matey!

  11. No, you're called Notrider
  12. Trolling Sir?
  13. Welcome, another IT student and learner :) what/where do you study?
  14. Welcome mate.

    Did you do your L's with HART back in early May by any chance?
  15. Welcome to NR Nick!
  16. Network design and security at Swinburne hawthorn
  17. May 20th if I remember correctly
  18. Hey Nick welcome to NR, nice choice I did my 15 mths on a VTR250 loved it, was very forgiving
    Do u park out front of Swinurne? I ride past every morning