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New rider from Penrith

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by barenaked929, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. G'day all,

    I recently joined the forums, and have decided to do the obligatory introductory post.

    Been riding only a few years now. I'm 20, male, vertically challenged... so yes I ride a sportsbike!

    Started on a 1985 CBX250 with 100,000km+ on it before getting a zzr250 (2000 model but they're all the same) and have recently purchased my wildly graphic'd 2001 CBR929RR from the now closed Firebrand Motorcycles.

    I work at Fraser Motorcycles in the new building at Concord, end of the M4. Pretty amazing place if you want to stop by. No I can't get you free stuff...

    I'm a 500km+ a week rider and consider myself pretty competent, but still fallable (sometimes).

    Look forward to a meet and greet on Monday weather permitting. See you out there y'all.
  2. Welcome to NR! :grin:

    oh yeah, in case you didn't know and before the Picture Police nab you ...


  3. take a magnifying glass to his avatar, it's there

    Welcome to Netrider, another 'westerner' joining up today, we had a Glenmore Park noob earlier today

    Toddle along and say "hi", only every second Netrider bites :LOL:.
  4. image for yall

    Hope this image adding stuff works...
    Apologies for the poor quality, hoping to get some good pics of her on the wisemans ferry run monday.


    PS looking for 929 exhaust and PCIII USB. Not fussy. I'll post a wanted properly, just keep it in mind...!
  5. Welcome to NR, someone have sex on the brain when your bike got painted? :grin:
    what u do at frasers, sales or workshop, that shop is fantastic

    regarding wisemans run, fingers crossed with weather, and we will definatly know who u are when u rock up. :)
  6. Hey there, welcome to NR

    Pretty impressive bike you got there :)

    Hope to see you around
  7. Unique paint job there... definitely wont have any identity problems! Hope tommorrow's on but the forecast has taken a turn. Anyways, Welcome!
  8. hi and welcome im the newbie from glenmore park im goin along on monday weather permitting of course hope to see ya there
  9. job

    I'm the 'stock co-ordinator', so really I receive and locate all the stock that comes through. The amount of junk people put on Harleys is amazing. Its like they WANT it to weigh +300kg! But hey if any of y'all want to get some jackets, pants, boots, gloves ect... I might be able to help a bit with the price. Probably not as much as eBay though. :)
  10. :shock:

    ... with all them 'bodies' on it Paul, hadn't a clue what I was looking at,
    so no hope of make head or tail of the avatar anyway :oops: :p

    WOW! Whadda paint job! :grin: