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New rider, from NSW.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Gekoe, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Hi Netriders,

    I have been reading the forum for a while, very interesting and informative. I got my L's about a month ago and picked my new bike up yesterday.

    I went with a Honda VT250 Spada after reading the many threads on them on this forum. As you can see from my profile I live on the Central Coast and my first ride from where I picked up the bike in Sydney took me via the 'Old Road'. Not too bad for my first ride on a motorcycle.

    Anyway great forum and I look forward to meeting up with some of you on group rides.
  2. Welcome! this is a great place. there has been a few outings recently from newcastle area and also from berowra hopefully we'll see you out onthe road.
  3. Sensational, gekoe, a worthy first!!
    Welcome the best forum around, and the refuge of many VT250 owners. Did you get it from Caringbah Motorcycles, perchance???
    Anyway, our rides often take us north and there's a few very active Netriders to the north, so the chance of you missing out on a group ride are low; watch the NSW Events column....
  4. Welcome Gecko, and congrats on what I'm led to believe to be is quite a good bike. I hope you can make it to the Ranch this week and lay down some of those bitchen gecko dance moves!
  5. Hey Gekoe, welcome. Us bunch up here in Newy pretty much try and do something at least every 2 weeks if not catch up when we can. Will be nice and regular once summer hits. By last count we had about 12 riders who come along at different times. If ya happy to make it up our way or we head down your way then you're always welcome.
    Might wanna get a little more experience under your belt before hand though, but if you're ever in the neighbour hood and feel like an easy run around town or up the freeway just give us a shout.
  6. Welcome Gekoe -hope you enjoy the forums
  7. Another central coast rider, good stuff. Where abouts. Only been riding for about a month myself - secondtime round...


  8. Welcome and enjoy the forum Gekoe.
  9. G'day Gekoe, welcome.

    There are more and more riders popping up on the Central Coast, it's like a conspiracy. :shock:

    I must ride up and let you all buy me a drink in the summer.

    (Then I'll just stagger over to the nearest motel and sleep it off) :LOL:
  10. sure there's a couch on the Cenral Coast that would fit !

  11. Does it have an attractive woman on it? :rofl:
  12. Congratulations and welcome Gekoe.

    Great choice with the spada- they're a fantastic little bike. What colour is it?
  13. The couch wouldn't need to be very big Ross, Jaq's a skinny old coot :LOL:
  14. What's this old stuff? :LOL:

    And that's not skinny thank you very much, that is a lack of body fat.

    It doesn't just come natrually ya know, one has to perform a certain type of regular movements...those more technically minded amongst us call it...exersise. :roll: :LOL:
  15. Thank You for the welcome,

    Hornet: I didn't get it from Caringbah, I bought it privately.

    Scrambles: I would like to get along to the Ranch on Wed, It'll depend on whether I can get rid of this flu. (The Gecko in the avatar has better moves then me, lol :)

    Den Monkey: I would love to come for a ride when I get more experience

    Burnsie: It is red, only 18000km on the odo, although I suspect it may have been around the clock once.

    Jaqhama: When you come for a ride up the Coast I'm sure all the Coasties would love it if you brought them a drink! (Did I read that correctly, anywho).
  16. Gekoe...No, no, no mate.
    I'll be the guest, therefore I have to be shouted. :LOL:

    What's wrong with you Northerners? :LOL: