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New Rider from NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ekkw86, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    I am new to motorcycles and got my learner license last week. I will be picking up my bike later today from the dealer. Just thought I would say hello and introduce myself to the community.

    If you are wondering what bike I got, I bought the new Honda CBR250R in sexy black. I can't wait to have a ride later today. I also had a couple of quick questions. I was reading on the site about group rides and the sydney learner sessions which I would be interested in attending. My question is:

    1. How much practice on my own should I do before I attend one of the learner sessions in Homebush?
    2. How experienced should I be before I attend my first group ride?

    Thanks for reading my post! :)

  2. Hi Eddie, welcome!

    I'm just a newbie too (6 weeks on the bike) and am off to my first Homebush session this Sunday. I would have been there sooner but have been away most weekends lately, or the weather has been crap. I've been riding to work when it's fine and getting used to the bike. I've done a little slow speed practice right after I bought it. Wiser heads may say different, but I reckon get to the learner session sooner rather than later - better to have bad technique corrected before it becomes bad habit.
  3. the trick right at the moment is for you to be with people who can watch what you are doing and provide you with the benefit of the experience you don't yet have

    my advice is to get out to Homebush and meet goz and ozyoda and the gang, listen up and practice hard (y)
  4. Awesome. I will try and head to Homebush as soon as I build up my confidence on the road. Like at the moment the ride home from the dealership is only a 5km ride and on top of that it is mostly quiet streets and roads I know well.

    As soon as I feel comfortable with travelling on King Georges Road at 60 to 80km I will go to the learner session. How long did it take everyone to build up their confidence before heading out onto the busy main roads?
  5. :LOL: I rode from Denman to Singleton (80kms on 100kmh highway) the next day, but I'd held a car license for 6 years and was 25 years old by then, (and that was 1974) so I'm scarcely representative :LOL:
  6. ekkw86, welcome to NR nad riding a bike, just like running, you cant be a master till you can walk!! as hornet's wise words, rock up at learners prac sessions and listen and learn as much as you can, the life you save, can be your very own!!
  7. Well I have held a car license for 5 years and I am 25 years old, so I think after a week or two I might head to the session :) . Although I won't be able to go past 80km because of the learner restriction :p . Not that many roads in sydney go past 80km anyway.

    Edit: I thought you said you rode 100km/h but I read wrong hehehe. My bad.
  8. Hello Ekkw86,
    Welcome to NR & congratulations on the new bike. Mate I m fairly new aswell & on my Ls, honestly riding its not that difficult as we think, after a little bit of practice you will be ok. Some old rider once told me, dont be scared when riding or driving, we always make mistakes when we are scared,have a CAN DO attitude. put your 100% in & all will be fine.
    Mate as you mentioned King georges rd, you must be living around st george area. I m around the area too & ride a red Aprilia RS 125. should catchup for a ride when you get confident on the road.
    Apart from that--- Good Luck with your Ride, Look after her & she will look after you.

    cheers mate.
  9. Hey Speedy,

    Yeah at the training course the instructor said the only thing I gotta work on is keeping my head up. So I will try and keep my head up and stay confident. I am sure everything will flow from there. Guess I am just nervous and excited that I am getting my bike today!

    I live in the Hurstville area :)
  10. Welcome to NR :)

    My first ride on public roads was (in Vic) Burwood hwy => Eastlink (fwy) => (into the City) Punt Rd => Torak rd => St Kilda Rd... Some of the busiest roads in Melbourne. I DON'T recommend that. Having said that, it shouldn't take you too long to be able to ride to the learners sessions.
  11. kool mate,
    I m in beverly hills.. Yep keep ya head up all da time is the rite thing to do..
    mate pikup da bike & post some pics..
    Be in touch, finally I found someone around MY area...
    shall send you my phone number soon.

  12. Hey Eddie,

    Come on over to Homebush when you feel ready. Its a little unfortunate but although Homebush is the best place in Sydney for the sessions and is central you pretty much have to go on a multi lane road to get there.

    There is a sticky thread that describes some steps for learners:

    Have a look and when you feel safe getting to Homebush come. Also feel free to post in the Ls thread to see if anyone else is in your area to ride with you.
  13. Welcome to NR, this is a great site, full of info for us new to bike riding.

    I am going to my first session at Homebush this Sunday as well as I am doing my P's on the 11th Sept.

    I got my L's in June and after a couple of hours of slow practice riding in our driveway on the Friday afternoon, my husband said we were going on our first road ride on the Sunday.....but....I was out on the Saturday afternoon and when I got home he had my bike outside & told me to get my riding gear on as my bike needed fuel for our ride on Sunday and so did his bike & he was not doing 2 trips.....so there was my first time on the road at 5pm on a windy Saturday afternoon. The best thing of it was I DID IT!!!!

    We then did a 2hour road ride on the Sunday doing winding roads, hills, stop signs, you name we did it.

    We then road every weekend and on my fourth weekend we road to Ulladulla, I felt very comfortable with the ride and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I also did the Confidence & Road Skills course at Harts at St Ives 2 weeks after my L's, this was great and gives you exactly what the course says it is.

    I have been away for a couple of weekends so have not ridden, first time out again since being home will be tomorrow, more practiced of the MOST test at my husbands place of work.

    Just a thought for you to consider, I wont ride to Homebush (dont drive in that traffice so wont ride), we are taking my bike on a trailer!!!!

    Sorry to make this so long, just thought I would share with you my experiences....just be confident and I hope you enjoy your bike as much as I do.......being that I am a girl!!!!

  14. Its all good, I like reading other peoples posts :) . Picked up my bike yesterday. So I rode the bike on a quiet street next to the dealer. Got on the bike and I stalled it straight away. After that I rode the bike for 30 - 45 minutes around the area and stalled it another two times.

    Took me a little while to get used to the bike as the bike felt really different to the bike I used at the learner training. After a while I decided to make the trip home. Turning off the quiet street onto the main road made me really nervous, but once I was on I felt comfortable.

    So far I have only been up to 3rd gear and no higher as I have only been travelling around 50km/h. Over the next week I wanna try and break in the engine and gear box properly, so I might actually need to go on the main road to get up to the 6th gear.

    Overall it was awesome and I can't wait to ride my baby again! I will post some pictures up when it is nice and sunny. Wish I wasn't at work at the moment... and I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow. I wanna go and buy some stuff for the bike like some rain covers.
  15. So I thought it was a nice day to take some photos of my new bike. Anyway I took it for a spin today and it was so awesome. I think I might even be confident enough to take her to the learner session next Sunday! I can't wait.


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  16. Very nice Eddie! Ride, ride and ride some more! There isn't a learners session next weekend though as it's Father Day.
  17. Awww damn. I guess I will have to wait two weeks then! I guess I will continue to ride around my area and get more familiar with my bike. Everytime I ride her I feel like I am getting better.
  18. Congratulations Eddie,

    nice bike mate.