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New rider from northern beaches

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jsnrbraaap, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Hey guys been riding a few years now, I'm looking for a ktm 690 smc r (2014 model) if anyone has any leads! Currently on a duke 390. Look forward to riding with some new people

  2. Hey welcome, I am hoping to upgrade to a 690 once I am off my Ps...that is the plan anyway :)
  3. Thanks! You upgrading to the smc or duke? All the reviews are great on the new models with the introduction of lc4 engine. I wanted to get the enduro and just convert it to a Supermotard in the future but I don't have anyone to ride dirt with so figured I should just get the smc as it will save me a bit of hassle.
  5. duke hopefully
  6. Which dealer do you deal with? I'm due to take my bike in for its 7.5k service at Hornsby pro cycles soon but I haven't heard very good things about them
  7. G'day and welcome. How're you finding the 390? I often think it'd be just the right size for ducking and darting through the traffic and with that engine, enough juice to keep it more than interesting.

    BTW, is that you I see (and hear, what a delightful sound....) braaaaaping your way up Condamine Street? All I see is a yellowy/black bumblebee flash, and of course hear that heart stirring musical delight.
  8. Hey, thank you! I'm a big fan of the duke it's got some great technology on it and it makes an awesome little commuter. Haha it sure is, I'm just up in Balgowlah.
  9. BIngo!!! You ride like a demon! Nearly cleaned me up on the corner near the tennis courts about a month back! Oh I do so love to hear that sound - many thanks!
  10. Oh you're joking! I apologise if I was being a hoon haha I love being on 2 wheels! I'm glad to hear the bike is appreciated haha
  11. I take mine to Wollongong, dirtbike factory. Got the 8000km service due. Pain in the butt to take there but they are pretty good!
    Im a huge fan of the duke which is why I think I might stick with them.....but, who knows what may happen. Have looked at heaps of other bikes but the weight of the 690 has me interested. I like to be able to pick a bike up if I drop it....:arghh:
  12. Yeah that's fair enough, their great like that. That's why I'm after the smc because it'll pop up fairly easy with a simple snap of the throttle. Not that that's for everybody haha, I wish I could afford the duke as well, I would get both of them in a heartbeat and just keep the smc as a weekend toy and have the duke for my daily commuting
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  13. caz64caz64 - if you know the correct way you can even pick up a Harley!

    No excuses not to buy the Superduke now!
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  14. welcome aboard :]
  15. I would do bad things for a superduke Cheers Jeffco!
  16. ha ha....do like the superdukes but too much bike for me!
  17. Welcome jsnrbraaapjsnrbraaap! I live in the ghetto aka manly Vale and will be looking and listening out for these magical sounds and hooning that Martha MayMartha May speaks so highly of! :p