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New rider from Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sparrow40k, May 14, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone! I'm a new rider from Newcastle, NSW. Although despite honestly saying I'm not a very experience rider, I have own (in order):
    • 2010 Kymco Pulsar 125 // This bike however wasn't mine owned and was borrowed from a friend the whole time
    • 1989 Honda CBR250R MC19
    • 1999 Kawasaki GPX250R (EX250F)
    • 2012 Hyosung GT650R EFI // My current motorcycle
    So basically in short about me; I've just had none stop issues and complications with any motorcycle I've owned but that's been because as everyone knows "You get what you pay for". I paid $1000 for the Honda with rego and then $500 for the Kawasaki without rego, so they were both absolute trash and I've just never been able to actually ride.
    However, recently my grandma decided that these trash bikes I buy just so I can get to university is ridiculous and gave me enough money to buy something decent and I know I am going to get a lot of shit for this but I decided to get a Hyosung. I've only owned it for a short time now and absolutely love it!

  2. Welcome to the forum mate!

    Lots of Newy based riders on here.

    As long as you like your bike who cares what others say. Go and kiss your grandma
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  3. thanks! I'm actually from South-West Sydney but moved to Newcastle start of this year
  4. Good move! Welcome to Netrider.
  5. G'day and welcome, Sparrow40kSparrow40k. Hopefully now you can do more riding than maintenance. Your grandmother is worth more than her weight in gold!
  6. Welcome to Netrider!
  7. Welcome Sparrow40kSparrow40k, fellow Newcastle rider here.
  8. Welcome to NR...

  9. Who cares what anyone else thinks, as George says. If you like the bike, that's all that matters! Enjoy, and welcome to Netrider..
  10. Welcome, from another Newcastle rider
  11. Welcome aboard :)
  12. Welcome! :cool:
  13. gday Sparrow40kSparrow40k welcome to NR!

    your grandma = champion! what a lovely gesture and excellent gift. at least it gives you chance to concentrate on your studies and not worry how you're going to get to class etc.
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  14. Awwww best granny eva!!! :love:
    She's a legend.

    Welcome to NR Sparrow40kSparrow40k
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