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New rider from Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NewyRider, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. :DHi all,

    My name is Matt and just got my license and a bike just before chrissy its been something ive wanted to do for years and finally did so.

    My previous experience is riding dirt bikes with mates when i was younger and had riden a few road bikes over recent years with one being a mates CBR954RR which scared the living shit out of me...

    The bike i just got was a 1996 RVF400R which is a awesome bike good fun ive had a couple of issues with it that im currently fixing i just replaced the radiators and new silicone hoses, i got new rotors and brembo pads, replaced the reg/rec on a custom bracket to get some airflow cause it was getting way to hot, i snapped a throttle cable so waiting for a replacement, it also needed to be re jetted so waiting on the jet kit and hopefully she will be like new...

    I got the bike as a commuter and selling my car as it was way to expensive to run a rotary and the bike is way more fun even in the peeing down rain..

    I look forward to meeting some like minded people and hopefully go for rides with some locals.
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  2. Welcome to the forum Matt.
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    Welcome Matt :)
    There are a few fellow Novocastrians here, plus loads of riding groups around town and the valley.
    keep an eye out for an old Ducati :whistle: I'll be the one nodding to all and sundry ;)
  4. Hi Matt, fellow Newcastle rider here. I get around on an orange Ninja 300, so say hi if you see me. Usually keen for a ride somewhere on my days off.
  5. welcome aboard
  6. (y)Thanks for the welcome guys,

    Hey DrSleepy, i did see a orange ninja 300 at glendale at the end of last year might of been you will say hi if i see you and im always keen for rides...

    Ducfreak, i will mate i nod to all also but surprisingly how many riders actually dont return the nod...
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  7. Hello and welcome.
  8. Welcome to the site Matt, hope your cable arrives soon and you get up and running again.
    Stay safe n upright,:]
  9. Hey Matt, I'm new to the site and also in the Newcastle area. Ever see a helmet glow in the dark around town? That's me. Feel free to hit me up for a ride any time
  10. G'day NewyRiderNewyRider and welcome to the forum.
  11. Welcome to NR...
  12. Welcome to the forum!
  13. Welcome Matt! Fellow Novacastrian here - probably see you out and about when I am set up on my new bike..