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New rider from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MadMuhammad, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,
    I'm from St Kilda, Melbourne. I did ride a 2014 Ducati Streetfighter (fully loaded. Carbon fibre, Termi's etc) until I was taken out by an 80 year old lady on her way home from bowls.
    Looking forward to living vicariously through you guys while I'm (still!) on the mend.

  2. G'day, maybe we should call you Jack for short :)
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  3. Hahaha! Well bowled McSenna!
  4. A bit of humour in what is a serious list of injuries mate, good luck with the recovery.
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  5. Duly noted and appreciated mate. Thanks for the kind thoughts
  6. Welcome to NR. Sorry to hear about the Duc. Heal quick and get riding again. :happy:
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  7. Welcome to NR and hope you have a quick recovery after being attacked by the granny...
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  8. I was and still am devo about my beautiful bike. Only had it 12 weeks! Gotta watch those granny's DonJuan, they're evil lol
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  9. Oh man! Hope your on the mend. Streetfighter is a spectacular looking machine.
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  10. Welcome to Netrider. While you're recovering, what's the status of your Ducati?
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  11. Ouch!

    Hope you recover pronto. Not so sure about your nick but hey...!! :p

    And...where's the Ducati at?
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  12. welcome aboard :] hope you get your ride back soon
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  13. Haha yeah, nicknames a bit suspect lol

    Ducati's dead brother. I miss it everyday......
  14. Mate, absolutely gorgeous. Gave it the partial carbon fibre treatment. Was just missing timing belt covers. Termi pipes, inter grated LED tail light. Such a sweet ride. Unfortunately it didn't survive mate, total write off. Heart breaking.
  15. Is crying allowed in this thread?

    I hate seeing things destroyed after an effort has been put into something, especially with passion as the driving force.
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  16. mate welcome and hope you repair fast, bikes can be bought n sold but your bones, well, those feisty lill ol ladies..... So did she offer you mouth to mouth? lol
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  17. Absolutely goddie. Hahaha!! No doubt there would have been a hint of tongue if she did! You know these old birds.

    Feel free to shed a few tears DJ, I certainly have! Broke my heart seeing it written off. My first Duc, was NEVER going to sell!! But life goes on mate. I'm still here.
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