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New Rider From Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kara13, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Hi!

    I'm a new rider in Melbourne hoping to meet other riders and like minded people :)

    I ride a Honda CB250, standard learner bike, and have been riding since last September. Would love to find out about group rides and events :)
  2. Welcome Kara, Usually a learner friendly ride starts from Saturday Morning Practice in Elwood/St Kilda. This is Uncle Greg's Epic ride. Sunday Learner friendly rides are a bit more hit and miss but I am running one this weekend starting in Diamond Creek. Check Ride and Event Announcements - VIC
  3. Hi! Thank you :)
  4. Hi Kara
    just caught you looking at my profile
  5. Busted :) I'm looking to find groups to ride with, and stumbled upon your profile :)
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  6. Hi and welcome Kara, hope to see you on a ride sometime.
  7. you can join us any time
    as long as you are competent with your skills
    first port of call is Saturday practice , my ride leaves from there anyway
  8. welcome aboard :]
  9. I like groups
  10. Hi Greg,

    Sounds good :) I can't do this Saturday due to work,, but will definitely try for the one after :)
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  11. the week after is the annual icicle ride
    I will be at Saturday practice but wont be leading a ride after
    unless you want to go on the icicle ride that is
  12. G'day KaraKara, welcome to NR.
  13. Welcome to NR.

    +1 to Saturday practice & uncle's epic rides..
  14. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  15. Ah! I might do the week after then :) Thanks for the heads up!
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  16. Welcome to the forums Kara. What area are you from?
  17. Thanks :) I'm currently living west side of Melbourne, don't know the area very well though as I lived South East side until last October :p
  18. Welcome Kara :)