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New rider from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nicola, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody

    Just wanted to say hi :)
    I'm a new rider from Melbourne (CBD area). I got my VTR a few weeks ago... very happy little vegemite!
    I got referred to NetRider from Horizons Unlimited as I was looking for ways to learn more about basic maintenance and technical stuff about bikes... someone said NetRider hold 'Spanner Nights'. Not sure if they are still going?

    Hope you are all having a lovely week,
  2. Welcome to NR. (y)

    Find your way down to the St Kilda Practise sessions if you can - there's a thread on that.

    Ride Safe. :p
  3. welcome to NR Nicola, as LL above said, sat morn prac sessions are of great value, you not only meet other riders, but get to practise your sloo manuvering technique, emergency braking and as for mechanical knowledge, theres a few very capable people that can assist as well, then again, just ask what you want on know by creating a thread. Chocolate ride this sunday to daylesford, good timing!! Come along if you're confident at freeway speeds etc, check the thread about it on here
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  4. Welcome Nicola, I'm new to. Like others have said Saturday morning is the go, great bunch of people all walks of life. I went down for my first session last Saturday after being very kindly guided in by another member Mandy:biker:.
  5. Welcome Nicco. Have a blast. It's a good site indeedy!

  6. Hello and welcome, there are lots of good resources here, and lots of friendly, encouraging people.
  7. Hi Nicola..

    I heard mention of these spanner nights/days a few weeks ago.. but its been a while since one was held but there were mentions of it being re ignited..

    As for little bits and pieces just post specific questions in the right areas and you should get a pretty quick answer.. what sort of work are you looking at doing??

    Cant recommend saturday morning practice enough.. its helped me more than i can imagine.. and is also a good place to meet people and theres always an impromptu learner ride or two that departs from there for the arvo.. :)

    Enjoy.. :)
  8. Hi Nicola, welcome to Netrider. Great bike the VTR, should serve you very well. Congrat's on being keen to try your own maintenance/servicing :applause: save a few $$$ and get to know your bike too. Like Goddie said, Chocky Ride this sunday!!

    Ride safe.
  9. Thanks everybody! I've got the Saturday morning learners session in my calendar for my next available Saturday.

    Already have a ride scheduled for this Sunday, but feel so torn, I love Daylesford! And chocolate! Ahh!

    Can't wait to meet and ride with you all. Planning for some long distance riding overseas next year so need to get my mileage up!
  10. Welcome to the Nuthouse :newb:

  11. Welcome from another newcomer... Looks like riding a bike is getting popular here in Melbs!
  12. I reckon it certainly is! Some say it's too cold here but I'd rather just layer up and be the right temperature than ride somewhere warmer like QLD and not be able to escape the heat.

    I actually didn't think I'd love riding so much, it was a bit of a whim getting my licence, and now I can't stop thinking about bikes bikes bikes all the time. Planning trips, working out whats what..... I totally understand the addiction.
  13. Hi nicola & welcome to our little corner of cyberspace :D
    Best advice, yup get yourself down to Sat Prac!! :)

    I don't believe it,,two pages in for a new girl & nobody has asked if she's hot!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  14. I reckon I'm a bit of alright especially in my Kill Bill costume on my yellow bike :p

    (Well, the Kill Bill costume is still in the works. But definitely on the cards.)
  15. Hi Nicola, Welcome to NR

    Enjoy your ride, hopefully we will see you at Sat practice. The Kill Bill costume sounds like a winner :)
  16. Hot!!!
    One of my favorite movies (y)
  17. Hi Nicola, Welcome to Netrider.

    I also highly recommend a visit to Saturday Practice. You'll meet a great bunch of people who are as eager to teach, as you are to learn.
  18. Welcome nicola :) I might bump into you in the cbd, work there during the week!

    Hope you're having fun on the bike
  19. Totally - look out for my yellow VTR!