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New rider from inner-west (Sydney)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CrayolaS7, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Hi, last weekend I bought my first bike, a '99 Honda VTR250.

    I share a car with my dad and I've been driving a lot for work recently, and maintenance/petrol was getting way too costly. I'd always wanted to get a bike but hadn't been allowed when I was younger. I've been driving for 5 years now without any accidents or tickets and so convinced dad that I would be much better prepared for riding.

    I went and did the pre-Ls course about a month ago and then after saving a bit more cash (read: staying at home all the time instead of spending money), I started looking for a bike. After looking at a few VTRs and GS500s I found one I liked at a good price, and so bought it.


    One of my mates who has been riding for a few years now came with me to pick it up last Wednesday after work so I wouldn't have to negotiate busy Sydney traffic the first time riding on the road. He also lent me his summer jacket and I already had got a helmet and some full length gloves.

    I spent thursday riding around the quiet streets near my place, and to the petrol station. On friday during the middle of the day, I rode out to Parramatta to get a proper motorcycle jacket. That was my longest trip so far but this week I will start doing my commute on the bike if it's not raining. At the moment I have just been wearing steel-toe boots and normal jeans, but will get some proper ones this week.

    Anyway, I've lurked on this forum a bit before so figured I'd join. At the moment I just have a couple questions relating to gear: for work I often need to wear plain black trousers. I was wondering if there was anything similar to kevlar jeans that look like normal pants but have protection in them?
    Could anyone recommend some boots that are suitable for walking/standing around in all day as well as riding with, or is that impossible?
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum, no doubt it's a sweet ride, enjoy!
  3. HI CrayolaS7 and welcome to Netrider !
    To answer your question, though as subjective as it may be, you'll find several brands of riding gear which you could wear at work also.
    Draggin cargo pants (black) look reasonably neat. In terms of riding boots, again a personal view. I've gone for hours in my Alpinestars SMX-R's. No problems with sore feet, though for breathing purposes probably better carrying a pair of casual work shoes in a tailbag/backpack and changing out of your boots where possible.

    Enjoy the forum and great-looking bike :)
  4. Thanks!
    The only non-denim Draggins I'd seen were like camouflage pattern but good to know more plain ones exist. Will try and get some asap then :)
  5. Generally, avoid high-necked boots, they are hard for walking and standing all day long, though they have maximum protection.

    something like this http://www.daytona.de/english/boots_e/boots.html
    shorty or motofun version, other brands have similar style, but I personally like Daytona.

    Will make you comfortable wearing all day riding/walking/standing.
  6. Welcome and very smart.
  7. Thanks guys.

    AznCruiser: when he was shopping for an R6 last year I was his taxi driver since his bike was dying, so he was just returning the favour :)
  8. Welcome to Netrider
  9. Welcome. Watch out for the scooters, they're a menace on the morning commute (i'm inner city too).

    I tried for a long time to find business attire but to no avail, so i gave up. My commute is only Newtown to Glebe so i just squid it in non-bike pants now. 8-[
  10. Welcome mate.

    Yeah, I squid it between Balmain and Leichhardt when I ride to work. Not far to go, if you have a long trip in traffic, It'd be good to find something decent. Those draggin, liners look the go!
  11. Yeah I commute from Ashfield to Broadway and have just been wearing plain black jeans but that doesn't really satisfy my work pants or protection requirements. I'll go and have a look at the cargos and stuff at auburn next time I have an RDO. Thanks for your help, everyone.
  12. welcome :) hope you enjoy the forum!