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New rider from Docklands, VIC

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by dmrmgl, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. #1 dmrmgl, Oct 21, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2013
    Hi newbie from Docklands

    Honda VTR 250 2006 for 1st bike in black.

    you may see my bike on back footpath of Kangan ACE building every MON TUE.

    Hope I see you others in regular meeting soon but unfortunately, I dont have time atm cuz of lot of work. :(


  2. oh farq.......XD
  3. Good day to you

    Have you been riding the VTR250 for long and how are you finding it? I remember renting that when doing my Ps, it was an awesome little nimble thing that you could flip it left right with ease.
  4. Welcome to NR(y)
  5. @Sphexish yes it is! since i bought a VERY high km leading bike(70000 + 14000 and counting on), I need to maintain as much as i can. However, It works great until now except rocker cover leakage. Easy to ride, cheap on fuel, No more headache to find parking spot XD

    @louber Thx!
  6. Same as everyone else, it's on the footpath behind the ACE building.
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  7. That's awesome it's still running strong, you reckon it'll hold until it clicks over the 100k mark? They do hold their value well don't they, was looking at one for the missus and they are sitting quite high for the milage most of them have, say 30-40k range.
  8. welcome to NR, you may wanna get to sat morn prac sessions and meet up with other netriders, fri night people get together at Gasolina too across the water from your kagan place where anyone can find your bike on mon and tues nites lo [couldnt resist]
  9. Well somebody does live in Docklands.....or do you just work there?

    Welcome mate.:)
  10. @Justus that sucks! :p

    Welcome to the newbie! Come down to the Saturday practice session sometime (you'll see it in the Victorian events/rides section).

  11. I believe it will last till more than 200k. as we know, machines DO last forever only if we care it properly.

    I am studying at ACE and living in Docklands

    ps. Thx everyone for welcoming me
  12. welcome mate :)