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New Rider from Castle Hill

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by xTiGeRx, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. G'day fellow NetRiders!
    It all started for me about 6 weeks ago. I was talking with a friend about how crap the weather was (that period where we had lots and lots of rain) and he was agreeing as he was a rider. Then he asked me what car he should buy as he needed one to get to and from the station, bad weather and shopping as he only had a bike. I offered him to buy my 92 Honda Civic, as i had that as my daily driver and a track prepped JDM S15 hiding in the garage that came out to play once a month. He then offered me a straight swap for my Civic for his '90 CBR250RR that had been sitting in the back of his garage under cover for a whole year. My mate rides an 06 CBR1000RR FireBlade. He offered to take me for a ride, but i declined. :shock:


    Called the RTA on Monday, got booked in to do my Pre-Learners the next week on Wednesday-Thursday. My mate got the bike serviced at TJ's at Minchinbury to get it all going...let's just say i won't be going back there. $500 down the toilet. Got it blue slipped, CTP and got the bike new registration under my name and new plates! WOOT! :grin: Fully registered and sorta running by Thursday! Thursday straight after my Pre-Learners went to the RTA and did Knowledge Test. PASS! WOOT! I'm LEGAL! :shock: :grin: :p

    The next day i went around to my mates place and rode it up and down the street a couple of times to get the feel of it....OMG i'm crap! STALL HERE, FOOT DOWN THERE, HERE A STALL, THERE A FOOT.....you know the song. hehe. But, eventually got the courage to ride it to my gf's place that afternoon, which was 1/2 way to my place and was easier to ride around her suburb. Parked it in the garage and rested for a bit. *phew*
    Took it back out of the garage to go for another ride around the suburb to get more confident. So, i walked it out of the garage and went to park it on the side of the road while i put my gear on. What did i do? Went to put the stand down...leaned it over to the right to much...DROP. AAHH!!! GRR!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: *slaps head! I was so pissed off, coz i just dropped my bike..and i did it infront of the gf's dad. What did he say you wonder...."Do you have a license for that?" OMG! Talk about feeling STUPID!!! I pointed to my L plates and tried to act cool..."it's ok...we're allowed to do stuff like that....we're learning..." I turned around to put my helmet on, i think i was sweating by then. hahaha~! :LOL: :roll:
    Rode for about 2 hrs straight. Just round and round and round the neighbourhood. Stop start, signal, all the usual...just bedding in the instincts.

    Saturday, rode to a friend's place in st clair...stayed on the great western highway for now...only a few hours riding under my belt...think i'll stick to the normal roads for now. Then rode to St Mary's the next day and all the way back to Castle Hill. SWEET! :]

    Monday, rode to work. Woh! That was an experience.
    1) head summer gear on. so i was freakin freezin!
    2) why can't i see out of my helmet...oh....FREAKIN FOGGING UP!
    The next day i bought winter riding gear and an anti-fog lense thing. :grin:

    And ever since then, i've been enjoying it!
    Did a short trip to katoomba and back the other week. My, Ninja250 and the CBR1000. That was a very good learning experience.

    Sold the S15, and bought an EK4 Civic. Figured i didn't need the S15 as my fun factor anymore as i had my bike now. So i just needed an economic run around car for bad weather and shopping.

    Well, enough about all that.

    Here's my new ride.

    Make: Honda
    Model: CBR250RR
    Year: 1990





    I'm definately looking forward to meeting more and more riders and hopefully go on a ride with a group and see how things are.
    The only thing i wonder is..."why didn't i do this earlier!?!?!?!"


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  3. Yeah! I'm like 2mins away from the meet up. thought i'd get to know some people on here first, didn't wanna rock up with a 'stunned' look on my face :LOL: :grin:
  4. Welcome mate, top intro post :grin: ...and nice bike, they're amazing machines, especially considering the age! :eek: Nice 'rescue' story behind yours too, it's a crime to let a bike sit unridden. Maybe see ya on the next learners run :)

    Edit: "Sold the S15, and bought an EK4 Civic. Figured i didn't need the S15 as my fun factor anymore as i had my bike now." :LOL: Love it.
  5. Welcome and nice bike...

    Now i suggest you read the T&C's about posting pics. Something about a maximum of 3 pics per post.. :roll: :?
  6. Welcome to the forum and the road as a bike rider. Chris, maybe it should be mentioned a little about service costs. We are not talking about a 4 cylinder car but a 4 cylinder bike engine that is way ahead in technology compared to it's 4 wheel counterpart. To get to the engine is a little more time consuming than popping a bonnet. After sitting around for 12 months, the carburettors (all 4 of them) have to be removed, dismantled and sonically cleaned then reassembled and refitted to the engine, then have vaccuum gauges hooked to them to dial them in. The fuel tank is removed and flushed to remove all stale fuel. The valve adjustment ( yes all 16 of them) has to be checked and if required, adjusted. Spark plugs are r & r'd (removed & replaced) all filters are changed, Synthetic oil put into the engine etc. Drive chain lubed and adjusted, steering head bearings checked, tyres checked and air pressures adjusted, full safety check carried out and road tested.
    A major service without the removal of Carburettors and cleaning them, on a 4cylinder bike with a full fairing is around $500.oo, plus the cost of a Blue slip ($30.60) You got out of it pretty cheap. How much do u pay for a full service on your Honda Civic? you wouldn't get change out of $500.00 if it was a Honda Dealer!
    So, before u go mouthing off about workshops and costs etc, do some homework first!.
    Enjoy your riding and your "Baby 'Blade"

    Tex (Manager, TJ's)
  7. Welcome to NR xTiGeRx :grin:

    Glad to hear you got yo head out them cars an into them bikes :LOL:

    Nice intro story... I liked the part where you dropped the bike in front of the missus' old man... Kinda sucks on its own without it being in front of someone like that :eek:

    It does seem to cost a lot for servicing and i am sure could have been more expensive at other mechanics, just try and learn to do as much mechanical stuff as possible on your own and you will dramatically reduce your costs.

    Have fun and take care, hope to see you out on the roads.

    BTW... Where is your commute to?
  8. I wasn't complaining about the cost of the service. I'm more than happy to pay for the costs of services, as long as it's all done right. What i'm talking about is eg: having the wrong bulbs put it, i go to turn and it's blinking like crazy. Got home, pulled all the bulbs out, compared and the one that was put it wasn't even the same as the other ones. If a mechanic can't change a bulb without getting it wrong...what else can happen? Chassis check: went to MAW in Castle Hill (awesome! Just awesome! Service, customer service, etc, top notch!) and after showing them the bike and asking a few questions, they had a look over the bike and found 'loose' bolts that were finger tight...literally. Things like that...so already my doubts were growing even more. Those are just a two examples. If you want more info or feedback from me, i'm more than happy to go through it with you. :)
  9. I commute from Castle Hill -> Windsor Rd -> James Ruse Drive -> Parramatta Rd - right at Auburn Maccas and into Lidcombe. :grin:

    Note to self: Don't sit to close to the fuel tank on Parramatta Rd...your voice gets higher! :LOL:
  10. Well welcome aboard. As I have become (Maybe fortunately or unfortunately) a castle hill resident, i'll be sure to keep my eye out. If you see the ridiculously bright yellow cbr chasing you down, that'd be me.

    Look forward to seeing you around.
  11. welcome to NR i can relate to your side stand story only it happened when i was on my full licence in front of 8 other NR on the way to one of our long weekend runs, you have some of the best roads at your door step, enjoy life on two wheels
  12. welcome, hope to see you at the coffee meet,don't worry just show up say hi and bring your sence of humour,trust me your gunna need it.we don't bite,well not all of us anyway :LOL:
  13. Just wanted to share my joy and happiness! I got the phone call i've been waiting for...and am 1 out of 45 future owners of a Triumph Daytona 675 Special Edition. *big smiles*
  14. That is exciting news - congrats.

    I have a work collegue with a standard model & he is very happy with it.
    So enjoy your ride when you pick her up.....sorry just assumed it female.

    You will definately have to make it to coffee at Rouse Hill now so we can all oooo & arrrr over her. Post pics when you can.
  15. I'm still very keen to go to the Rouse Hill meets, but because of working thinking i don't like my spare time and having a life decided to give me after hours work. BOO!!!!

    It'll be a while before i get the 675 SE as the estimated delivery date is about Mar 2008. There isn't even a final price as the dealers don't even know yet.

    But, i'll post some pics of what they have online. :]
  16. Welcome to NR xTiGeRx

    Come join us at the Fiddler or join us for a ride
  17. Damm thats a nice looking 675 and i thought the scorched yellow looked good. I took one for a test run and was more than impressed.