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New rider from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by virgilwashere, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    My wife and I have just been introduced to the wonderful world of motorbikes. We finished our Q-Ride courses and got our RE licenses beginning of June.

    It's been a fun two weeks. But probably more so for Liz, as she went to a track day at Queensland Raceway after 1 week!!!! She was the only woman riding, and on a ZZR250 at that. :LOL:

    We're both going back next month. :cool:

    Looking for my first bike now, and am happy that LAMS has finally come to Queensland. Seems like a GS500 (F) is the mostly likely candidate for me. I'm a big guy, and the 250cc bikes I've been on have felt underpowered.

    Continuing my research through the great information in the forums.

  2. welcome virgil and liz, good place to come to ask the n00b questions :)
  3. welcome to the two of you, and yes the 250s are under powered
  4. Welcome Liz & Virgil

    Sounds like you're both having a ball.

  5. Big welcomes to you both :grin:
  6. Just shook hands on a GS500. It's getting a safety cert done tomorrow, and hopefully being picked up on Friday.

    Wooo! :grin:

  7. congrats, welcome to the new world
  8. Brilliant Virgil

    You must be stoked :grin:
  9. Hey Virgil & Liz,

    Welcome to NR. Be interested to know Liz's thoughts on her experiences at Qld Raceway. I would like to give it a go too but time/work constraints etc.

    GSF500 a good steady bike. Enjoy it all and ride safe.

  10. Welcome to NR. Heaps to learn here :)