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New rider from Australind

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by maddog_1, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone , My name is Mark , got my license back in December and bought myself a new 2009 250r Ninja and I'm already wanting to upgrade , but i wait awhile until i have more experience under my belt and more K's on the bike :) hope to you guys around

  2. what u mean got my licence "BACK"

    and welcome to NR
  3. where is australind
  4. Hi Mark

    Welcome to NR. Congrats on the new bike too :) We need pics though lol
  5. ... wot they all said ^^



  6. He means like ´back´ in the day...when police wore shorts and dinosaurs roamed the streets kinda ´back´
  7. ohhhhh i c
  8. sorry guys , I should of said I got my license in December,

    Australiand is in W.A , its about 3 hours south of Perth
  9. Welcome to the funny farm Mark
  10. Welcome Aboard !!