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New Rider from Adelaide

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RGVMAN, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Hi peoples, I just got my L's and a RGV250 1996. Hope to see you all riding soon. :D

  2. Welcome to the forum, RGVman, I hope you stick around, learn a lot, and most of all, stay safe!
  3. Welcome dude,

    where abouts you from? I'm from Enfield way meself...
  4. Hi RGVMAN , welcome .
  5. Im from Gawler. 8) (Which is up north. I had to make the message longer.)
  6. welcome RGVMAN!!
    man u live pretty far from the city but hope to bump into someday. take it easy with the RGV coz 3 of my mates had 1 and all fell off 1 coz they pretty agressive.

    catch u around mate
  7. (If you want to type a really small message, use the "quick reply" box at the bottom rather than the "post a reply" box.)

    I had to laugh to read "up north" referring to Gawler. When I was a child living in Adelaide, we used to go over to the York Peninsula every Christmas holidays, and it used to feel like it took forever to get to Gawler. I just looked at the map and it's 40kms!! I drive 100Kms each way to go to work!! How time and age change your perspectives! And rootmasta, I wouldn't call 40kms "pretty far from the city". That's about the distance from Sydney CBD to Penrith, and that's one of the suburbs of Sydney. I'm not picking on you, it's just that things are relative I guess!! :D
  8. Yeah, its relative. And I get annoyed when Im stuck in traffic for five minutes. I think I'd go nuts living in Melb. or Sydney.
    Welcome RGV Man, hopefully we'll catch up sometime. Rev Ken.

  9. What are you talking about Gawler is heapppppppppppppps far away! I have to get my passport out every time i need to go there!!!


    Nah i remember when i was a kid it would take ages and ages to get there and i live on the North side of Adelaide to begin with... Now it seems way more relative, i can make it there in 20 mins...

    Play golf much RGV?? I know the owners of the Par 3 there (old friends of family)
  10. I havent played in a while actually. Probably should get the sticks out sometime. :wink:
  11. Hey rgvman, I'm in Gawler too. I'm booked in to get my L's but earliest session they had is in March :( .
    Looks like you got in just in time. As of 14/Nov RGV250 is no longer leaner approved.
    Have you been in Gawler long? What's your name?
    I'll probably see you riding
  12. Oooo another Gawlerian.... Gonna have to organise that golf round soon...
  13. Gee every rider here from Adelaide seems to be north of the city.

    Do any of you guys have a handicap? Thats a golf term. Im not asking if you are mentally incapacitated or anything.

    We should try to organise a Netrider golf day or something. I'm sure a few courses around Adelaide would be happy to provide a discount.
  14. Comin from the Northern suburbs is my handicap! :p

    How do you know when your from Elizabeff, you let you 12 yr old smoke at the dinner table with her kids :p

    Nah never got that keen on golf, only keen enough to buy clubs hack accordingly...

    I know the owner of the Gawler Par 3 so I dare say I can get us a deal there if need be.
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I live at Morphett Vale so I mainly play the marion 9 hole course due to a lack of time. I got a full round in at Thaxted on Sunday though. Played terribly but hit a nice slicing drive off the last tee into a house, leaving a nice dent in a bbq in the backyard :D
  16. Hey andrew, my name is Terry, Ive been living in Gawler for about two years now. You will probably see me. My RGV has no stickers and the original colour scheme. Purple rims! he he he. Damn when did you book for your L's? The waiting list must be huge! Do you know if the P's list is around the same length? I better book myself in
  17. I got my L's on Tuesday and they said there is about a 6-8 week wait for the P's course
  18. Welcome RGVMAN...

    I used to have one of those... they are a fun little bike :)
  19. My mate booked in last month for his P's and couldn't get in till Feb...
  20. Damn, that mean I really should pay for it now. I was hoping I could book in after christmas