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New rider First bike help please

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sera, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, well i just got my licence (L's) and i am obviously keen to get my first bike soon

    the only problem is where do i start?

    I have been looking at a few 2nd hand bikes namely;


    but im pretty confused, i've heard a lot of good things about the gpx250 and the vtr250 (only problem with the vtr is it tends to be a little out of my budge).. :(

    can ne 1 give me any advice or some info?

    (in regards to price i would prefer to keep the bike around 4000 to 6000)

    thnx in advance
  2. Some probably can, others will tell you to use the search tool.

    If you mention how much previous bike experience you have and your main intentions for the bike, eg: commute to work or weekend toy, it might be easier for others to suggest for you. If you're vertically challenged you could include that too.
  3. Hi and welcome to netrider,

    MY first suggestion is to go to bike shops, shop around and sit on as many bikes as you can... get your feet up on the pegs, and find something you're going to be comfortable on. Also see if your feet touch the ground, as this can affect balance, especially at low speed/stopping.

    Also work out what you want to use your bike for... commuting, purely for fun, are you looking to just cruise around on it, or are you someone that is going to enjoy going hard and fast, and cornering?

    A bike really is a personal choice...
  4. Well, i'm just a bit biased but i think the GPX250R is a fantastic bike. It looks good without going overboard like the ZZR250. Same motor in both just the zzr has a longer wheelbase more suited for highway where as the gpx is more suited for "suburban" work. They can both do either just slightly different. If you are looking for second hand they will both be in your price range.
    IMHO the gpx is better value.

    CBR250RR - Overhyped and overpriced. They aren't worth the large amounts they go for. They are just the bike all the youngins want. I would stay away from them if only to save money.
  5. I say buy the cheapest possible... the CT110.

    They're fun to ride, won't cost you much, you can buy your dream bike in a year.
  6. i have a gpx250r (import version) and find it great. I dont know your needs and what you are like so all i can say is what i think of it, and that is that it is a good bike to learn on. Not to say that the others are worse though.

    I say, Keep your options open and see what bikes are for sale, judge off that. ie. If the vtr is outta budget, dont dismiss it, cos you might find one that is in budget!
    I was considering a variety of bikes, but ended up with the one that offered the best deal at the time. To me it came down to price v's the specific bike that was for sale (as opposed to a model or brand)
  7. mmm good points, i guess i just dont know wat im in for honestly,

    like its my first bike i know i dont wanna go over board with price n what not, but wat should i ultimatley be looking for in those bikes, like low km's or is km's not really that much of an issue?

    i mean i want sumthing reliable at the end of the day,

    the type of riding ill mostly be doing is around the suburbs and city rarely on the freeways n what not.
  8. I had a ZZR250 and recently upgraded to a ZX6R.

    The ZZR is a good bike, it looks great and doesn't look small. It's also a popular learner bike so wouldn't be hard to sell.

    P.S. have read your other post - I'm also a girl and only 5'4. You're tall compared to me. On the 636, I got it lowered slightly.. perfect fit now.
  9. You want something low kilometers. It is reasonable to expect a life of about 100,000ks out of a 2fiddy bike if you look after it correctly but when you are buying second hand you probably want 30,000 or less.

    Out of the GPX and ZZR the GPX is more geared for suburban riding but as i mention either one will do fine there really isn't that much between them. Have a look around and get what looks good to you and what feels good between your legs ;)
  10. thnks heaps guys for the input :) seems like a really good community here looking forward trolling here a bit more :)
  11. VTR our of your budget?? Pffft, the sorta bike you want for your first bike will easily fit in their.

    You should be able to get a decent VTR for less than $5K.

    GPX250 is good. But i think the CBR250 and ZZR250 are overpriced for what they are.
  12. I got my permit last month and had to do some research about bikes. Here is what I know:

    VTR250: lovely v-twin engine, Honda reliability, fun to ride, minimal depreciation on the used, not too small, 3rd best selling U250cc, very pricey - my personal favourite

    GT250: good v-twin engine with low rev torque and broad & flat power curve, good forks, big enough for me (6'3"), fun to ride, cheap but should be cheaper (only two dealers selling them in VIC now), 5th best selling bike Under 250cc in Aus, people say "Hyo-what?" - what I ended up buying

    GT250R: as above, reasonably nice looking fairing, double front brakes, all on the shop floors are sold, some early models reported to have small issues at 5-6krpm in 3rd gear, just 600-700 bucks dearer than GT250 - my mate's 2nd favorite 250 (after VTR250)

    ZZR250: good looking fairing, gutless at low rev, fun to ride at very high rpm, medium size, water cooled, highway + wind can be scary, practically same since 1981 (just colour/paint scheme changes), 2nd best selling U250cc bike, just as expensive as VTR250, higher insurance premium (compared to typical 250cc)

    GPX250: sensible (price and feature-wise), very much like ZZR250 but lesser features

    CB250: reasonably priced, Honda reliability, small depreciation, air cooled, 4th best selling Under 250cc bike, dorky look (esp. for big/tall guys and gals) :LOL:

    RS250: Sexy 250cc rocket, 2 stroke, narrow powerband, pricey, insurance same as bigger bike, not learner legal in NSW & QLD :(

    RGV250: Another 250cc rocket, powerband quite narrow, many say they aren't too good for learners

    Also heard good things about Suzuki's, but don't know much about Yamaha XV250 cruiser, which is the best selling bike under 250cc in Aus.

    I hope this helps. :)
  13. You think the VTR250 is ugly yet you bought a naked Hyosung??

    The VTR250's look nice, like a mini monster.
  14. greetings & welcome.

    i think the suzuki across is a nice learner bike, i wish i had one.

    anywhere from $2500 to $3000
  15. Think you're getting the CBR confused with the CB - CBR250s aren't air cooled (or reasonably priced). CB250s are cheap but you may find you get bored with it very quickly, CBR250s offer good performance but are expensive and generally old/worn out (so reliabilty can be an issue). As others have said if you just want something that's good to learn on and reliable then go for the GPX or VTR. If you want more performance then the Suzuki Across or Bandit are both 4 cylinder bikes which are cheap yet very reliable.
  16. Oooops. :eek: I stand corrected. :wink:
  17. No worries, Honda seems to use CB quite a bit (even the Hornet is designated CB250F). Incidentally the sales figures now have the Yamaha XV250 as the biggest selling sub 260cc road bike, the CB comes in at number 5 with most of the top 10 being cruisers (the RS125, VTR250 and GT250 the only exceptions).
  18. Hi Sera, welcome to Netrider! :)

    You shouldn't rule out the Suzuki Across, either:


    If you're in Melbourne, come along to Friday night coffee at Southbank. There's usually a few different 250s there, and you can talk to their owners about their bikes.
  19. Have a look at the thread i had made (a few weeks ago).


    The guys were really cool - and they put in some honest answers!
    Thanks Guys