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New rider down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loulou4, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. A friend of my moter-in-law was killed yesterday, she was 62. She had only passed her L's that day and went and bought a scooter. As she rode out of the shop she was hit by a truck and was killed. I don't know to many other details. I guess it's an unwelcom remider to all of us inexperienced riders to be careful out there.

  2. geesuss.

    not good at all. never good to see anyone killed on the roads.

    actually the first scooter death i've heard of since i've been riding.

    best wishes to the family.
  3. Damn :(

  4. :cry: yikes thats terrible thing to happen
  5. That is so sad, condolences to the family and friends of the poor woman.
  6. Bugger :(

    Condolences to all who new her.

  7. I blame the govt for that. While any L test is better than the old days of no L test at all, it's still no real prep for hitting the streets that are occupied by impatient car and truck drivers.

    Queensland learners have to be accompanied don't they? That's a much better idea, although it should be by another bike, not a pillion.
  8. So many variables - at the end of the day a human being was killed - condolences and best wishes from us :cry:
  9. If she was in Queensland she wouldn't have even needed a licence to bu a scooter under 50cc.

    My condolences to al involved.
  10. she wasn't the fatality on parramatta rd camperdown yesterday was she....? my sincerest condolences to the family....
  11. In queensland you must be accompanied by a rider with a full open motorcycle license either as a pillion or on another bike ( or as I've seen locally Team Moto follow learners around in a van ) ????
  12. Different rider. Sports bike. Yellow monster or triumph. I got more details of that, but don't like to post about riders I don't know personally.

    Heard about the scooter fatality as well. She was just picking her scooter up from the dealer. Got hit by a truck coming out of the dealership. Don't know exact details, but there are 20 metre skid marks where truck was trying to swerve.

    Not good, and condolonces to all.
  13. BTW, if you want to discuss politics of the situation, or anything not _directly_ relating to the horrible accident, please out of respect start a new thread.
  14. terrible news.. :cry: :cry:
  15. Sympathies to the family and to the truck driver who hit her.

    Terrible news :cry:
  16. Agreed, Kaer, wholly inapproprite in the context.....