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New rider cost update...28/8/07

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Miki E, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. New rider cost update...28/8/07

    this is my first post so let me know if I do something wrong!

    My Costs for a 2001 CB250 in Victoria, having never ridden a bike before...

    Bike- $1500 private sale (surface rust and couple of scratched but nothing bad)
    New Tyres- $250
    Rego (carlton)- $500
    Insurance (Note AAMI was $370 for market value ($3300) insurance- RACV was 270 for market ($3300) value ins and 370 to insure it for $5000) - I chose the RACV one
    NOTE my bike is worth more than I paid for it... YAY...
    I had a leather Jacket, and a friend gave me her old gloves and an old Shouii (don't know how to spell) helmet.
    But I do need to buy a new helmet so it fits a bit tighter because apparently helmets only have a few years shelf life (for sure protection) and should be snug!
    I am currrently Looking for a helmet that is within my price range (that is cheap ass student) so if anyone has a small helmet that is used but not dead and wants to sell it cheap, or knows a cheap place to get one I'd appreciate it!

    Has anyone heard of FX in Brunswick or Ray Quincey on little Latrobe and know if they're ok for helmets?



  2. Hiya Miki

    I am only really new to being a biker chick. But one thing which has stuck in my head from every person going around is, don't ever buy a second hand helmet. When you think about it, it is your head in question. Probably the most valuable part of your body. And it isn't US that will harm it, it's the other idiots on the roads.

    So my advice would be to get a good helmet. I got a KBC one for $170. This is not the best brand available, but it is still a relatively good helmet. You can get these at almost all motorcycle places.

    I have been to Ray Quincey. There was a range of goods in there, but you can get these at most bike places.

    Happy biking all the same. Hope you really enjoy it.
  3. Bell, a helmet maker used to have the slogan:
    "If you have a $10 head, buy a $10 helmet"

    This is the most important safety item you will buy, don't skimp, buy a decent one.
  4. Now Miki, you didn't mention these, but you should also get some Draggin jeans, and boots and gloves. The extremities of your body tend to hit the ground first in an accident, and you need to protect them well. If you can't use a hand or a foot, your student life is going to be very difficult, as is life in general.
  5. Meets all your requirements: cheap, small & used.

    This Helmet is an open faced white helmet. It is used and has some
    scratches on the top. None are deep and only affect the appearence.

    The helmet has the strap and is in working order. This is a must for
    safety while riding motorcycles and scooters alike.

    I wouldn't let my children ride without one.



    & if you want to go abit more upmarket & spend a lil more..

    The inside lining is a bit of a mess with a tear here & there but you wont
    notice these when you put the helmet on & I have taped up the tears.

    The inside still has a durable tough styrofoam.

    I have this helmet since 1966 and its served me well. You will
    not be disappointed.




    Let your finger do the walking. Bargains galore to be had. occasion14.
  6. +1 to the comments about getting a decent helmet. It doesn't have to cost the earth. I got a new fibreglass Snell and DOT rated helmet (XPEED brand) for $160 from Bikemart in Ringwood. But the most important thing is fit - the best helmet in the world won't do much in a crash if it doesn't stay put!! Go to a few stores and try on as many different brands as possible - you might find one particular brand suits your head best. Also by shopping around you can find some good deals - it's fairly common for stores to heavily discount last-year's models to make way for new stock. And don't forget to join Netrider to get a discount at their retail partners!! (Bikemart are having a special members shopping night next Wednesday with a standard 15% off all stock, plus further specials see netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=41702)

    Oh, and welcome to Netrider :grin:
  7. Peter stevens in elizabeth st often has cheapish helmets. they will be upstairs in the back left hand corner. be careful or they will sell you something expensive.
  8. Haha OK I get it!

    OK. Thanks guys i get it...
    New helmet it is....

    Do tell me the reply with the photos was joking though! ;-)

    I'm going to head down this afternoon and get one!
    Thanks for your help...
    I would really love to go to bike mark with you guys but I have soccer wed nights...
    So I think I will just go in to the city and check out Peter stevens and those around (I live in inner city)...

    Just one last check though...
    A cheap new helmet from a reputable store is not less safe than an expensive one is it????
    Is the expense just about comfort, extras and high speed stuff generally?

    Thanks for your help and hope to meet some of you soon...
  9. I have some pretty sturdy leather gloves my friend gave me, that are in excellent condition...

    I have been wearing my horse riding boots for the bike, which are pretty much perfect... Tough leather, flexible, no laces, but let me know if I'm wrong...
    As for the "Draggin jeans" can I buy them from any bike shop?
    are they something you wear off the bike or just put on for riding (ie too hot heavy off the bike)...
    I wear ordinary jeans on the bike, but I am guessing they are not tough enough?

    Thanks again for all your help everyone!


  10. the expensive ones are better protection (generalisation)

    there are 3 main helmet constructions

    Plastics (polycarbonites). usualy cheap, will do the job

    Fibreglass, usually a bit more expensive

    composites, expensive

    basically as a quick rule of thumb. composites dispers the force of an impact over a greater area, fibreglass is the next best for this and the plastics are the worst at spreading the impact.

    this is just a verry general rule of thumb, manufacturors use different materials and techniques.

    Basically get a full face one that fits well. the more you want to spend, generally the better protection.

    I personally weighed this up and went for a fibre-glass helmet.

    Theyre are alot of people who know alot more about helmets than me, and there are alot of people who will tell you to spend 800 on a helmet.

    these are just the views that i have come across when i was researching and buying my first helmet hope it helped and im sure i will be corrected if im wrong

  11. Get the best one you can afford. Buy a run-out model so you're not paying a premium for some snazzy new design.

    "Get a good helmet, I got a good one for a hundred and something dollars...." WTF. :?
  12. I wondered whether it was worth splashing out on the Draggin Jeans when I bought my first bike too. And when I first came off my bike (slightly wet road...little too quick into the corner...crunch) the jeans took the brunt of the damage. Style wise they look okay I guess..but you'll be wearing them when you jump off the bike, and thats stylish enough right?
  13. with respect to gear, i just went to India and nobody, i mean nobody wears protective gear except for helmets.
    Stores didnt even sell protective gear other than helmets and the traffic is bloody chaotic there much higher risk of squishing your legs, but you wont be doing very high speeds tho.

    Anyway what is considered appropriate? i'm looking at Helmet, gloves, and leather jacket, and boots if i cna afford.
  14. I'd rate permanent spinal injury (eg quadraplegia) a far scarier scenario than a head impact, yet so few people say the same things about buying an expensive back protector.

    Maybe visible graphics are the real story behind some peoples views on helmets....

    And a secondhand barely used helmet isnt that big a deal, IMHO a good quality helmet that's had little use is way better than a cheap one that's capable of falling apart on it's own.
  15. Update on bike parts

    Ok, just to update my costing...
    bought a suomy fibreglass/composite helmet last night from Peter stevans city for $179
    cost of studidly dropping bike last night (new mirror and ego)- $69
    Just need to get some jeans/Corduras/leathers (not sure which yet) then I'll have a final tally for you...

    Thanks for all your comments

    Miki :grin:
  16. I think you've figured it out now, but I didn't notice anyone address it so I will...

    With Draggins...are they better than normal jeans? Hell yes. They've got kevlar in them which protects you if you happen to end up sliding along the road. They're not 100% perfect, nothing is, and if the off is bad enough, you can/will still get hurt...but the chance of LESS damage (by damage I mean gravel rash etc) is there with Draggins.

    You actually have a few options with Draggins in regards to style. I personally have the purple camo ones, but my ex bought plain black ones so he could get away with them if going to a client.

    At $200 they're not cheap...but could save you a few scars in the long run :)
  17. Ahh bad luck on the drop. Reminds me of my first day when I dropped my bike in my own driveway!

    I got a pair of draggin jeans for $65 off ebay(normally $200 in the store). They look brand new.

    Check ebay for your size, you might get a bargan.

    You could go for racing leathers(alot more dollars), but for the moment some draggins should suffice.