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new rider comtemplating on which bike to get

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by graemepa, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. hey guys,

    I recently just got my L's through Heart in Melbs about 1 month ago and since then hace been actively researching what type of bike I should buy.

    Ive read through most of the guides in these forums and have found them extremely helpful in helping me make a better choice.

    Im 21 and about 6 foot and weigh about 90kg. My budget is pretty low as im a struggling uni student and am aiming to spend around 3K on a bike. Easy maitaneance, reliability and a smooth ride are really my priority in choosing my first bike. As a result im seriously considering a CB250 to putt around on.

    Ill mainly be commuting to uni everyday which is only about 10km away from where i live and i want to occasionally go for a bigger ride on the w/ends. I really like the look of the VTR250 but the bike is seriously out of my price range :(. What do you guys think? CB250 sounds like the bike for me? or any other suggestions?

    Thanks for your help guys this forum seems like a great little community for all things bike and I hope to spend alotta time here.
  2. if you like the VTR, try looking for SPADA models (earlier version, same engine, diff frame). Older + cheaper and engines are bullet proof :)
  3. Hey another Ballarat rider :). Yeah you're unlikely to find a VTR for 3K, but you may be able to track down a Spada in good condition for that sort of money, same engine but with an alloy frame though all are around 15 years old now. CBs are certainly a good, reliable bike - there's just the problem that you may get bored with one very quickly.
  4. I was in this exact position 3 weeks ago, and I eventually decided on a GPX250 for $3k. And it's alot more fun to ride than a CB 250 :)
  5. cool ill check the spada out now. They are imported arent they? what are they like in terms of maiteance and reliability. Thanks for your help guys.

    Hey JD ive noticed alot of people in ballarat are starting to get there mbike license. Must be the crazy petrol prices.
  6. cbs are boring as batshit (no wait, you can throw batshit at people you dislike with amusing results, +1 batshit :p ), you're buying a bike to have fun arent you? might aswell buy something that you can do that on :wink:

    spada would be too small, its a better bike than the VTR in most respects besides looks and age, but yeah, just too small.

    you might pick up an early bandit for that money, possibly a balius if your lucky enuff. besides that, the GPX is also a bit small but the ZZR should fit you fine and will have awesome economy to boot. also an FZR or early ZXR might be had for that money but i dont like the odds of getting one in decent nic.
  7. Cool ill check those out as well thanks Coconuts.

    Of course im getting a bike to have fun, but its not the only reason im getting one and im trying to take everything into account.
  8. Yeah there's been a definate increase in the number of bikes out at the Uni - think more students are starting to realise that a cheap bike is in many ways a better option than a cheap car.
    Edit: And yeah if you can find a Bandit for 3K go for it, they're a great bike and one of the larger 250s available (uses the frame from the 400cc version).
  9. Yeah the SPADA looks very appealing , would it be way to small for me? or still quite rideable?
    Is there anything in particular i should watch out for when buying a SPADA?
  10. Buy two of whatever bike you want and give me one (please). :wink:
  11. 18,000 kms my arse :p and it doesn't say anything about an RWC, factor in a few bucks more if it doesn't cos theres usually a damn good reason they havn't got one. remember that discs wearREAL quick on these things and have very low tolerances on the thickness, you're up for $100-$300 a disc depending on where/what you buy to replace them...
  12. If you can't get there to inspect it I say let it go. Its been down at some stage (I assume - bar end and can), hard to say what damage has been done. Go into a licensed s/hand dealer and tell them to get you a decent spada in, it'll be the easiest $1k they make.
  13. there a nice looking bike for the price . found out hyosung sux , few off them at work on the l's and all have stratches from the person stacking it. better to get 2nd hand bike
  14. Remember the leathers dude!!!

    good luck
  15. From what I hear, CB is a good reliable bike but you may look dorky on it. I am 6'2" and when I sat on one, my wife told me to get off it immediately because she thought I was being silly.

    Hyosung's 250cc range is fine (for how much you pay anyway) because they had been long-term tested in Korea. However, their relatively new 650cc range has disappointed quite a number of riders with valve failures, silly AIS, and electrical issues.

    Out of like 30 odd motorcycles I see at a nearby uni, only like 15 bikes have no cosmetic damage. Guess how many L/P platers? Almost 20. No matter what bike, learners and p platers are highly likely to drop their bikes once or twice in first few years. Unless you have high disposable income or know how to get OEM parts really cheap from overseas, it's good idea to buy a second hand bike for the restriction period. I am the latter case. Bought a brand new Hyo GT250 coz it's naked (ie. less damage from drops) and I can buy all parts for it at least 5 times cheaper from Korea.

  16. hahaha yeah ill definatley be taking someone with me before i get ne bike to check against the dork factor.
  17. Hyosung aqulias cant spell are like 6k with on road cost too cheap as chips