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New Rider - Central Coast and Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Chook-E, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. #1 Chook-E, Sep 28, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2015
    Hi All,

    I just sat my P's this weekend, having moved up from Canberra and switched from a daily Scooter commute to a CB500X late in the 12 months of 'L' time!

    I now spend my weekdays in Darlinghurst and commuting around Sydney - with Weekends around the Central Coast.

    I am older than most who start riding - but loving my 'mid-life crisis'!

    Really enjoy following the posts and forums and looking forward to learning lots!

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  2. Welcome Chook-E , I'd love to know if someone has an idea what the avg age of getting a Motorcycle Lic is. My guess would be 35 to 40.
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  3. Welcome Chook-EChook-E think of it more as mid life enlightenment......... enlighten.....ment......... enlight......en.......ment.
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  4. welcome aboard :]
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  5. So it's now 9 months on... I have put about 8000km in and done a little bit of touring, and I have to say that I'm love, love, loving the freedom! Now planning a round Tassie trip with a few mates
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  6. oh dear.....another one caught in the clutches of this evil addiction to two wheels......
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  7. Welcome, it's great stuff isn't it :cool:
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  8. Ah welcome aboard for last year... I try to be pretty vigilant, not sure how you got past haha. If you see an idiot on a stock red firestorm in your city travels that's me.
  9. gday Chook-EChook-E, welcome to riding and NR!
  10. Welcome Chook-EChook-E, it's a friendly crew here & the organised rides are great fun.

    When I first got my 'L's' for me & my mates it was the very day you turned 16 years & 9 months, at about 8:02 am! :cool: (motor registry opened at 8 ).
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  11. Welcome Chook-EChook-E to the wonderful world of bike touring. If you end up doing Tassie make sure you put up a travel thread in the the touring and Events section.... with plenty of PHOTOS!! :)
  12. I'll keep my eyes open!

  13. Sure will - could be a little way off having just looked at my leave balance. But it wil happen!
  14. Enjoy. Have fun