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New Rider Can't Get The Bloody Thing To Go i.e. please help!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by IgnisDraconis, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. G'day all,

    I'm a rider of 751.4 kms on a Ninja 250r and recently encoutered a big problem - my bike, quite randomly and for the first time, won't start.

    It's still being worn in, I've treated it well and it ran ok yesterday. Am I doing something wrong:

    1 key in and turn
    2 kill switch to on
    3 choke on
    4 in neutral

    5 turn ignition on and let idle for a few mins whilst getting geared up

    6 hop on
    7 stand up
    8 clutch in
    9 into first gear - which is where it just cut out.

    I'm a complete noob and dunno whats going on. Any advice (not too technical) would be very very appreciated. Thanks to anyone who could suggest a cause, solution ... anything :)
  2. sounds like there may be a problem with the switch that stops the bike being in gear with the stand down.

    just make sure the stand is completley up.

    if it is. take it back under wty its mostlikley this switch.
  3. I had the same on a loan CBF250 that I have last week, very weird. It might be something to do with some safety cutout, check the stand is really all the way up. I know my KLE will cut the engine if you put the stand down while it is in gear even with the clutch in.
  4. Hmmm, I'm 90% sure cause i tried 7 or 8 times! But... I might try after dinner unless any more suggestions flow in. Thanks for the tip but we'll have to see
  5. Have you missed choke off?

    Once warmed up my bike stalls if the choke is on and i'm idling
  6. yeah, doing that too :( I just can't get it, its all been sweet till now - I've intentionally dumbed it down to go thru every step purposefully too
  7. My money's on a cut out switch, clutch or stand - probably the stand.

    +1 warranty job.
  8. Im gonna be both cheesed of and relieved if it is
  9. Yeah cutout switch. Tape it up, they're for pooftas. :p
  10. Now that's politically incorrect in this day and age Loz [-X

  11. Let us know what happens
  12. well dog my cat! It was the stand! Thanks for your advice guys, no when some other rider with no clue asks a similar question I'll be able to impart this little pearl of wisdom on them. Chhers all
  13. guess why we all know about this one :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  14. A nasty little trick i played on a riding buddy was to kick down his kick stand whilst waiting at a red light.. many lols insued in my helmet whilst i took off from the lights.
  15. Stand cut-out switch....bah humbug.

    Leaping round left handers has been my morning wake up call fo years.
  16. I'll have to remember that one.. my favourite is pretending to point at something on their dash them bumping their kill switch just as the light is about to go green :LOL:
  17. how do you do this one. I assume you pull up on the right of them, you have left hand has the clutch pulled in. So you reach over with your right hand and hit the switch?
  18. Whhops just actually wnt to the effort of reading the other post ignor me! lol good work on getting it going :)
  19. Good tricks boys but this one is hard to beat.

    I was in the passenger seat of my mates GTR-XU1 years ago when a GT Falcon pulled up beside us, at pole position at the red lights, well the Holden/Ford rivalry was alive and well with my mate and the Falcon driver blipping their throttles and staring unblinkingly at the lights ready to "Launch" when they turned green. While that was happening I snuck my hand down to the XU1s gear leaver and quietly depressed it into reverse. Nothing fills a drivers pants like an unexpected bulk throttle reverse burnout on a Friday night.

    Pity more bikes don't have reverse, it sure would put some Mystery in the mystery ride.

    Anybody else got some "Riding Tips" for New Riders.
  20. Haha these pranks are classic. Someone should make a thread on them!