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New Rider Calling In...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by N13, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. HI there!

    I am actually a car enthusiast, building up sleeper cars for track use but one morning a few weeks ago, on the way to work, I just decided that I wanted to ride a bike and so here I am.. I've been converted!!!!!... ~~~ Found this a great forum for beginners like me (But I'm old, old enough to get cheap insurance)

    I just bought a Honda VT400 cruiser that was recently released as a LAMS approved bike today and they'll be delivering it to my house on Wednesday. I'll be taking my learner's this Sunday so hopefully I'll pass and be able to ride it!

    Anyway, just a shout out :)...

    I'll post photos of the bike when I get it... Anyone here have the same bike? Just want to know how it feels like riding it... I'm 5'7 and 65kgs so I don't know how I'll handle on a 250kg bike LOL....
  2. Hi N13 and welcome to Netrider ! Bet you can't wait till Wednesday :)
    Enjoy the new toy and best of luck also with your Learners.
  3. Welcome to Netrider and the joys of two fewer wheels :LOL:.
  4. Welcome N13 !
    Good luck on Sunday
  5. Well I couldn't wait for the bike to be delivered so I got a mate of mine to ride it home for me yesterday.. i posted photos last night but for some reason, the post disappeared..

    Anyway.. I got my learners today and I started riding on the bike. Did around 15kms to familiarise myself with the bike.. So far so good.. Whew.. But while backing it back into my garage.. I sctratched the brake lever against the concrete wall..DOH~~~~~ Goes to show how much of a noob I am....
  6. Consider yourself lucky, that in comparison to what you will do in time to come is nothing, just ride and enjoy!
  7. Welcome N13, see you on the open road
    (don't forget to nod :]
  8. hi im new too, good luck,